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  • Donald Trump's been laying out ideas for police reform.

  • He gave a speech at the White House yesterday, not for the first time.

  • He was tweeting.

  • Lord Order.

  • He does this every so often does in capital letters.

  • Always.

  • Today, though, he was saying this.

  • Americans also believe we must improve accountability, increase transparency and invest more resource is in police training, recruiting and community engagement.

  • And this is how the president's planning to do that.

  • Today I'm signing an executive order encouraging police departments nationwide to adopt the highest professional standards to serve their communities.

  • The's standards will be as high and as strong as there is on Earth, but the president didn't take any questions after that statement.

  • But there are plenty of questions to be asked about exactly what this means in practical terms and when it will might happen.

  • We know his plans include banning chokeholds unless an officer's life is at risk, offering federal grants to improve police practices that would include a database to trace officers with complaints against them and encouraging the deployment of social workers alongside officers to deal with non dryland scenarios such as drug use and homelessness.

  • Let's have a look at some of the reaction to this.

  • The Democrat Chuck Schumer, minority leader in the Senate, says This will not deliver the comprehensive, meaningful change in accountability in our nation's police departments that Americans are demanding you need to.

  • Gupta, a civil rights lawyer who is acting assistant attorney general under President Obama, says the executive order is an attempt to shift focus from the dangerous rhetoric and policies the president has previously promoted and goes on a piecemeal effort that won't achieve the transformative change needed to heal America.

  • And this is the reaction of a woman called Kimberly Crenshaw.

  • She's a civil rights Africa.

  • She started to say her name campaign, which you may have heard of.

  • It highlights black women who have been killed by US police, and this is her reaction.

  • This is a president that himself led an attack on peaceful protesters just a couple weeks ago in order to stage a photo op.

  • Eso the idea that suddenly he is now in front of this issue, I think, really shows just how much power is coming from the streets upward now.

  • Let's not forget at the same time that the one thing that this president has said is not on the tape on is probably one of the most important things that could be done.

  • Is lifting the qualified immunity that so many police officers have that makes it so difficult to actually seek accountability through suing them?

  • President Trump also met privately with families have been affected by racial and police.

  • Violence is what he said about doing that.

  • Many of these families lost their loved ones in deadly interactions with police to all of the hurting families.

  • I want you to know that all Americans born by your side, your loved ones, will not have died in vain.

  • Well, Anthony circa, was watching that in Washington.

  • Here's his reaction is a reflection of the breath of popular support for some store to police reform nationwide that he has decided to take thes thes actions.

  • You have to remember, however, that what he's putting forward in this executive order there got lines, their recommendations there, things that he's encouraging police departments across the country to cooperate with.

  • And if they do so, then they will be prioritized with existing federal grant money.

  • So you could say the chokehold ban.

  • These not outlined show cold across the United States.

  • He's saying Police Department should do that, and if they do outlaw chokeholds, then they will give be given access to a large pool of federal money that is available for law enforcement.

  • Congress has already authorized.

  • Now we should say some changes have already been implemented in parts of the U.

  • S.

  • In Minneapolis, for example, council members have announced plans to dismantle the police department.

  • San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York and Chicago are among other cities that have pledged to reform their use of force policies and to take further measures to root out racist officers on.

  • There's been a particular focus on Atlanta after racial.

  • Brooks, an African American man, was shot dead by a white officer last week.

  • The city's mayor, Keisha Lance Bottoms, also wants changes on when lethal force could be used on.

  • That includes a duty to intervene if a police officer sees misconduct by a colleague.

  • Here's more of what the mayor said.

  • I know that it is my responsibility.

  • Is mayor of this great city for us to continue to work to put the anger and that sadness into action.

  • Now one place has become somewhat of a case study for police reform is Camden in New Jersey.

  • It dismantled its police force and started again on the city.

  • Now has its lowest crime rate in 50 years.

  • BBC's Never Tawfiq has been there to find out more.

  • Halfway between New York City and Washington, D.

  • C.

  • Camden was infamous as America's poorest and most crime ridden and city.

  • Now it's gaining national attention for the way it's rethinking policing.

  • In 2013 the city's police department was disbanded.

  • One of the officials that led the county takeover was Luke Capelli.

  • He says it took bipartisan cooperation, perseverance and a willingness to go to battle with the police unions.

  • Oh, it was a big fight, and we were told all along until the day this happened, You're not gonna be able to do this.

  • We're going to stop you in court.

  • They had political trying to get political support.

  • People come into our meetings.

  • Death threats, captains.

  • Akeem James was hired back onto the new force.

  • As a black man, he says he's had negative interactions with the police.

  • It's one of the reasons he became an officer in the first place.

  • We train in de escalation.

  • And that's the key, the escalation and conversation.

  • It's the focus of our department building partnerships with the community on that and other agencies.

  • We realize that we couldn't arrest our way out of the problem, so we had to change our tactics.

  • Service community block parties and policing alone CAn't SOLVE RACIAL INEQUALITY Camden's officers are seeing the value in redefining their job description.

Donald Trump's been laying out ideas for police reform.


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