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  • is this the end of Schengen?

  • Most of Europe is in lock down on.

  • We've been driving for two hours on the roads are almost empty.

  • We want to know is can you still get across from one European country to another?

  • Good of you.

  • Eventually someone kind of attic Fatah unfold off the glass for the once.

  • And this is the Belgian border.

  • Would Luxembourg And that over there is an old border posts that hasn't been used for 25 years.

  • Because now we have the Schengen zone, which is a passport borderless area between 26 countries.

  • Suddenly because of the Corona virus, it's put a strain on all of that.

  • Oh, man, hold off.

  • Jamie, look over crossing from Luxembourg into Germany.

  • Now we're about to cross a border checkpoint.

  • No, no.

  • Like is filming.

  • Stop here a second.

  • Thank you.

  • Thank you.

  • We just passed from Germany into France.

  • No checks here for me.

  • It's clear seeing this up close.

  • Corona virus has ended borderless Europe for the time being.

  • You leaders say this is temporary and the exception to the rule our Lorries, because they're fast tracked will have food and essentials to move quickly around the continent.

is this the end of Schengen?


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歐洲的邊界和冠狀病毒 - BBC News (Europe's borders and coronavirus - BBC News)

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