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  • this preview of death metal has brought to you by angry video game nerd to assimilation.

  • The nerd is back in an all new adventure.

  • Reorder right now and get 10% up and a free sound trick.

  • You'd be crazy not to from the angels of parody.

  • So, to the demons of Inferno there is a name feared by both the light and the dark.

  • And her name is Bai Anetta.

  • Do any normal guy walking down the street?

  • She may look like your average seven foot tall car came to an Amazon woman with good versions.

  • And but Iannetta is actually one of the last number, which is a gland of mystics allied with demon kind named Syriza.

  • Upon birth, she spent her early life growing up an outcast due to her parents being from rival clan, her father, Aluminum sage and her mother in Umbra Witch.

  • See, the SAGES and witches had one rule to follow.

  • Don't make babies with the others.

  • That gland big comes according to prophecy.

  • It would bring on the destruction of the universe.

  • So naturally it was only a matter of time before somebody couldn't keep it in their brains.

  • Yeah, pulling out works every time.

  • But the last time you would know with the pack now broken war ensued between the two factions and the end only two, which is survived.

  • Syriza and her rival slash feature friend John.

  • Hoping to prevent the apocalypse, John used a special dagger to seal away, so raises memories and put her into a 500 year long coma.

  • Wins the razor, will govern from her epic power nap Doug on her new name, Bayern ETA, and sent out divined her lost memories.

  • Ugly Virgie and just the right weapon for the job.

  • Her hair as an Umbro which not only does her hair service or clothing, which I'm having a really hard time deciding whether or not that's hot or just disgusting.

  • She can also use it to summon the demon Madama Butterfly to aid her in battle.

  • This technique, the wicked weaves, creates portals for the giant demon to deliver devastating punches and kicks.

  • Bayonet again also walk on.

  • Whoa!

  • Then ceilings with which work and even transform into animals to fly runs in her vest in Dajun text.

  • But her most useful technique is which time, by slowing down time itself, frenetic and dodge practically anything while unleashing a barrage of attacks.

  • Man, it is basically a tall, sexy armory.

  • G Will's gun Let's called Durga, which attack with fire and electricity, a huge site that runs the souls of its victims and a frickin lightsaber co pillar Tuck.

  • She has a bow that fires poison, a ruse, a chainsaw made of dragon scales of passive hammer that can cause earthquakes with every strike and even ice skates.

  • Which a deck with ice, obviously, but her most beloved weapons are her four pistol set, called Love Is Blue.

  • Rather than swap between them like a normal person, she somehow manages to wield all of them at once by using not only her hands but also her feet.

  • How does that work?

  • Does he have, like some kind of weird thumbs on her ankles or something that was gonna track from the hotness?

  • Victor Just a bit over.

  • My God, she's covered in there, and she uses her feet like hands.

  • Here's a monkey.

  • Your words thesis.

  • Well, we may have to research this a little bit further.

  • How about you come back next week for the full episode, I'm sure will have this sorted out by them.

  • And be sure to check out what old monkey, which is opponent Dante is bringing next week.

  • And, of course, watch or other rivers owes I come out new.

  • No, really, please.

this preview of death metal has brought to you by angry video game nerd to assimilation.


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B2 中高級

Bayonetta被召喚到死亡之戰! (Bayonetta is Summoned to DEATH BATTLE!)

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