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All right, guys and especially gals get ready for a roller coaster ride as we measure exactly how far we've come as a society since the 19 seventies.
Acting as our proverbial yardstick will be the not so classic 19 seventies world's finest comment.
And no, that's not an endorsement.
The name of the comic is world's finest, and it's car from fine.
We'll be looking at one issue in particular.
But if you ever find some time, a lot of this series is pretty ridiculous, like the one where Superman and Batman with Earth Yeah, that's a thing.
I'm Jocelyn, the intern.
I do all the research nobody else wants to straight from the desk of death battle.
Now let's get on topping, which is world's finest issue, to 33 from 1975 in this oh so stupid comic we follow none other than Superman and Batman's sons.
Yeah, you heard that correctly.
And no, we don't have time to explain where their assumedly early twenties offsprings came from anyway.
Clarke and Bruce's crotch fruit are traveling through the Deep South of America in their wannabe mystery machine when an old, very driver keys the kids in on a nearby ghost town.
Naturally, they can't help but check it out.
But the first building they run across a blacksmith's workshop is far from haunted.
As our young heroes exclaim, they're surprised to find a woman or, as they describe her, a gorgeous girl tending the Smith rather than some sort of ghost.
This compels the young super new to offer his assistance to the Smith when she does not take too kindly.
As our two young lads make their way into the city, they noticed that it's populated entirely by women led by sister Civil.
And apparently there's a bunch of strange street signs with eyeballs on them.
Turns out the residents aren't too keen on the new male presence in their town, possibly because the two unkept crusaders seem generally astonished by a female police officer.
And they won't stop calling women things like dull and baby.
You know, I've never understood that male mentality.
What's that You a stranger called me sweetheart, a name usually reserved as a term of endearment for five year old girls.
A man.
I I wasn't gonna go home with you, but now I totally am, like, really, eventually the two heroes spot a damsel in distress as a woman shingle ing a nearby building loses her balance.
However, there quickly stopped from saving the woman by local law enforcement and told to leave it to the rescue crew.
What could go wrong?
Well, the damsel in question could die, and that's exactly what goes down.
The mayor of the city dismisses the tragic event by saying the now dead Shingler knew the risks of doing.
And I quote man's work.
Now it's pretty clear to see that these ladies are off their rockers.
But that doesn't keep Young Wayne from threatening to.
And once again, I quote, slap some sense into your pretty faces.
Yeah, So the ladies of the town throw our young protagonists in jail whilst locked up in the slammer are young kryptonian eavesdropped on a conversation and finds out the town book will be meeting with the mysterious sister civil that night in order to bury the poor shingler.
Obviously, the boys can't help but break out of jail, suit up in superhero costumes and attend the funeral.
Now, please, just let me take one moment to point out this panel where Bruce and Clark Jr demonstrate an interesting swimming technique.
I guess Batman didn't want to get his poor widow feet sees wet When Anyhoo, it's not long until the juniors roll up on sister symbols, hang out on Lee to find out it's a giant speaking model, it of sorts, which Bruce quickly insults.
This causes the women of Belton to hunt the men down with a pack of hunting dogs, which guess what aren't really a threat to Superman Junior.
However, in a moment of what I can only assume is subconscious romance, the two burly bro's decide to switch costumes to throw the dogs off their trail.
And I shit you not.
They change back, like three pages later, when Superman claims that a bat became sexually interested in him while he was flying around in the bad suit.
Yeah, don't worry.
This shit gets even dumber as our two heroes are interrupted by Sister Civil, who is actually a giant green monster surprise civil.
That explains how she's made all the ladies in town sick, and that's what's causing them to be so rude.
So after dealing with civil, the boy's head back to town where Bruce Junior just starts kissing ladies left and right, claiming it's the only antidote to their sickness.
And that, ladies and gentlemen, just goes to show you how far our society has come in 40 years.


Superman & Batman Jr. VS... Feminism? | Desk of DEATH BATTLE

17 分類 收藏
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