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make no mistake.
Ah, to make Mrs May miss.
It's a make or miss league baby.
What do baby make eye?
Check out this rate between the legs past Alex crusade to LeBron.
We talked about this in the days.
Come on.
Oh, nice.
We gotta show twice.
And then, however, we did not show this earlier.
This is nice.
The block are Lonzo Ball Caruso.
All right, So which is better?
The block for the best?
I'm the past guy.
I think Any time it takes two people to make a play work, I think that that's right, Maura, about the past.
With you, I'm going block.
That's a guard flying up there and getting that.
And I waited Block a sitter.
He blocked it.
The point guard.
It is there ahead of him in the paint.
And Crusoe's like, I don't care if my protecting stairs I'm going and getting it back.
The bald eagle has to soar.
That's what has to happen.
Guard crime.
Make means getting breast is it takes a lot.
Check out checks.
13 year old daughter nearly slammed home a dunk on a 10 foot who impressed.
Come on, that's insulting.
13 0 I think I ducked until I was, like, 14.5 15 so that I'm not for you.
I dad those.
So I think I get a little pastor, but that is 1/7 way.
Seems like a problem for women's basketball.
You hear?
How awesome is that?
We have hoops here and I think during the next break, we're gonna have to see Daddy Zach dunk.
I would just tell me what kind of dunk you want, but I think has to happen in this proceeding is number.
I respect you.
Watch CB three.
Shake all of these defenders and score.
This is so much fun for Scout Report.
C C P is going to reject that screen every time.
And then it gets that big men on the island and it's over.
No fun, right?
You know that's going into the game.
Absolutely especially to us, right o Your big trouble CP, from the right elbow is is automatic.
Is any jump shot out of the history of basketball?
So again you might know this scout report going into the game.
Not so much.
He knows The scouting report on their defense.
That's for damn sure.
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Which Alex Caruso play was better: The dime to LeBron or the block of Lonzo? | The Jump

31 分類 收藏
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