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three more episodes.
That's how many episodes of Top Centre left on Screw Attack before this show and myself leave, score, attack and go over to the know if you go over to the No.
After three more episodes, you'll be able to see more of me in my pretty face.
And come on, you know you want to write, right?
We're neck deep into December, which means that Texas winter has finally begun.
That means half the trees still think it's spring.
You think about putting on a jacket on any given day.
And if you're like me, you grew up in Texas and always long frame Winter Wonderland.
Like what you see in video games, right?
I never snack for school tax.
Captain Snow number 10.
I'm not a huge fan of PS games, but call of duty Modern warfare twos campaign was just some good dumb fun.
Like the rest of them, Dub deuce Cliffhanger is a big action set piece that you get to play through, and it's all the more awesome for it.
It's a stealth mission that goes south, and your partner soap McDavid gets surrounded by enemy Russians.
That's when you hit the Michael Bay button and go pop it up, up, up, up, up, up, up, up, up, up.
And then the snowmobile dude store and you murder them and you take their snowmobiles and you still go bop bop a like 100 miles an hour.
It still puts a genuine smile on my face on your flooring it while while you're going downhill, you're still flooring it.
You swear around the trees and comic Star Wars but snow and it's downhill.
And then you jump that insanely huge gorge at the bottom.
Well, it's only number 10 on our list, but I'm already thinking I'm gonna need to go back and replay that mission after his top dead number nine Most great snow levels are all about the cheery holiday time side of winter.
And then there's fen drawn, a drifts.
Metroid Prime's harsh, icy environment is a quiet frozen wasteland with nothing to keep you company, but that lonely piano soundtrack well, that in all the babies she got Steve brutally blast apart.
Speaking of which, remember that one time Sam is committed and fan decide right in front of the mother.
She got that then orphaned the babies that were left that was colder than whatever temperature this planet's at, but a you get a cool wave beam out of it.
Number eight Animal crossings.
Not exactly the most exciting game in the world, but I still get a little giddy when I know that winter is on the way.
It's us a level.
Does this count as a world?
Technically, whatever games are so non linear these days, and I'm just gonna see it counts.
And why not?
It's easily the best time of the year in Animal Crossing anyway.
There's something so peaceful about seeing that first snowfall in your town, which is especially pleasant for me because, you know, Texas.
And with that white blanket covering your hood comes the winter fishing tournament, Chris Toy Day and the countdown to the New Year.
All season long, you can also build up snowman to get rare furniture or just sentience to the most cruelly designed creature.
Since the blob fish, it's gonna hurt just being that thing.
You know, winter and Animal Crossing is like all of the best parts of the season without having to leave your toasting living room to enjoy it and Now that I'm talking about it, I need animal crossing on my switch like yesterday.
Number 71 even is a Mario game since 1988 without a good Ole Snow level tech.
Mario, 64 gave us two of them.
Yeah, I know there's Snow Man's Land, but the Big Snow Man's and a hold water is an a hole.
The bullies and they hold the entire level is just a huge snowy, A whole but cool Cool Mountain is a delight from the peaky Start Out on All the way down to the cliff is Sacrifice the baby penguin and Come on, we all did it.
And that's not even mentioning the other penguin.
You can race for a cool star and leader rematch for a bigger challenge, but if you want a real objective cool, Cool Mountain is perfect for the Green Demon Challenge.
You get the extra life chase you and you've got to get all red coins and the star before it catches you.
It ain't easy, but it's worth revisiting the old story peak for and also to throw more baby penguins to do Number six.
Who knew that Star Wars, the Empire strikes Back's Battle of Haute could not only be a great action scene, but a top 10 worthy level.
Two Shadows of the Empire's opening level was one of the first times we actually got to participate in that famous Star Wars battle.
Gunning down 80 STS and Your Snow speeder was funnel, but nothing compared to the thrill of wrapping up the 80 80 walkers with your tone cable.
For those who played it back in 1996 Shadows of the Empire's Battle of Hot stands out as one of the most memorable first levels ever.
But it's a shame the rest of the game to follow suit got a fricking hate that speeder.
Bike level cross number five.
I don't know about you, but I think that some of the best modern Mario kart tracks are the segmented ones that don't do laps.
You know, like Mario Kart seven.
Rainbow Road Beat the Wuhu Island tracks and relevant for this NIST are your car dates Mount Mario?
No, that's not a command that's the name of or the best tracks in the entire gay.
It starts off by dumping 12 go karts out of the back of a helicopter onto an icy Alpine slope that takes you through a cave system, ski resort, the woods and more.
And did you ever notice how the music times out perfectly?
With every transition to a new section of the track?
I'm telling you, the only way you'll see a more beautiful site that this smug is by heading to Mount Oreo for yourself.
No, that's still not a command, unless you want it to be number four.
Now I know that the idea of having to do puzzles with an AI character sounds annoying but uncharted twos.
Heart of Ice chapter knocks it out of the park.
It's probably because you barely have to deal with the AI partner at all.
You'll find no shortage of cool ancient puzzles and set pieces in this series, but the underground network of oversized switches and machinery was on inspiring nonetheless.
I mean, yeah, none of it's actually really, but the sense of adventure you get exploring this mechanical wonder with Tenzin is unmatched on this list.
But things turn into a gun fight for your lives at the end, when these demon yeti things show up and I know Nathan's got impossibly strong fingers that let him climb all the stuff that he does.
But do the guys fingers ever get cold or at least tire number three Am I alone in thinking that the legend of Zelda Twilight Princess was a great looking green for the time?
I still kind of wish they'd go for another dark looking Zelda's someday.
But I know it's not an unpopular opinion.
Just say that Snoopy crew.
It was one of the highlights of this game.
This isn't just a great snow level.
It's one of the best Zelda Dungeons ever made.
The first time I followed a yeti down that hill into his house, I didn't even realize it was an actual dungeon to meet his wife.
Who gives you a mapping like home?
Are we doing that?
Unlike just about every other dungeon and Zelda history, Snow Peak Ruins doesn't give you hearts you can only refill your health with, yet Oh, soup, even cooler stopping ruins kind of tells its own story.
Yeti, who gave you the map earlier, tells you that she's not been feeling well lately, and it's all because of that corruptive mirror shard that you're after.
In fact, by the end of the dungeon, the shard corrupts her so much that she ends up becoming a fun boss for you to free at the end in more ways than one Snow Peak Ruins is the coolest Zelda dungeon I've ever played.
Winter jokes Number two.
As I'm recording this top 10 there's like 25 million of you out there with switches and not nearly enough of you have Donkey Kong country tropical freeze.
It is one of the best modern platformer, one of my favorite platform, Er's period, and it's also got an incredibly beautiful snow level.
Cliffside Slide is much a gorgeous, an epic level.
It's the final silhouetted stage in the game when DK scales the blizzard coated mountain of his home island structures fall apart and dinosaur bones crumble beneath you.
But with that killer score by David Wise, you feel like a king coming back to take his rightful place on the throne.
And God help whatever decides to get in your way.
Besides being a terrific piece of eye and ear candy, it's one of those levels that I've loved so much that I know how many times I've replayed it just for fun.
It's number one.
As far as I'm concerned, Winter is nature's way of building up to the best holiday of the year.
Ground hog day.
I got enough pucks.
Time he felt gonna see his shadow or not.
Second best Winter Holiday Christmas hands down one of the few snow levels that went all in on one of my favorite holidays.
Also, just so happens to be from one of my favorite gains.
Banjo kazoo Ease, Freeze!
Easy Peak is pure magic.
From the moment you walk in, you decorate a Christmas tree, you climb a giant snowman, you deliver presents to a neglectful forebears kids and then beat him twice in a sled race, which is the exact thing he ditched his kids.
To be the best at this bear is such lows ahead.
I think that music by Grant Kirk Hope would instantly bring anyone back to a time of childlike wonder, even if they didn't grow up with banjo.
This music is so good that I'm going to risk a copyright claim by playing a second sample, right?
That's it.
That's all you getting.
We don't want to incur the wrath of the YouTube police to this very day, no matter what time of year it may be.
Freezes Peak instantly puts me into that winter Christmassy spirit.
And what a great love, our secret number 11.
Let's go back to Windows 3.1 for everybody's favorite.
I'm board game ski free.
Nobody knows where this mountain takes place, but you consent trees a fire, knocked down other skiers and die in the hands of a yeti.
If only childhood me knew that you could press F on the keyboard out one.
Those things would be a lot of stress.


Top 10 Snow Levels

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