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  • Lafayette may not have been the most badass character from the original Star Wars trilogy, but that hasn't kept him from growing into one of the most recognizable and famous characters from the franchise.

  • Whether it was his stoic attitude or awesome armor, Boba Fett has become an icon that could be found on everything from cards delicates.

  • Those aren't mine, but none of this keeps him from being a complete idiot.

  • I'm Jocelyn the intern.

  • I do all the research nobody else wants to straight from the desk of Death Battle.

  • Yes, Boba might be the only bounty hunter in the world able to catch someone like Han Solo.

  • And sure, he's so talented that Darth Vader treats him with respect and he's been able to defeat multiple jet I.

  • But by no means will any of that make up for this theme.

  • Not only does he get tossed overboard like a little bitch, he also screens like one too.

  • Now, you might be thinking, this is a goof.

  • Everyone makes mistakes from time to time.

  • Well, what if I told you this wasn't the only time he fell into that star lack?

  • Believe it or not, Mr Fet finds his way into the belly of this beast more than once.

  • But for these stories, we need to go into the extended universe of Star Wars, which encompasses the whole story from the books, comics, games and novelty glasses.

  • Let's start our adventure on tattooing where this has just happened.

  • Now, before we move forward onto Bobo's Great escape, which is pretty much just blowing himself up, let's new down and learn a thing or two about.

  • So relax these earth heinous is our semi sentient beings, which most space scientists, believed to be primarily plant based on, are probably the worst death the person could ever suffer in any universe ever.

  • No, seriously, it's horrible.

  • Remember when Job of the Hut said it digest its victims for, like, 10,000 years.

  • Well, that doesn't mean your dead body will simply be digested through the ages.

  • Oh, no, no, no.

  • You see, the star, like actually keeps its victims alive by the fibers vessels in its stomachs which connect the poor bastards to the star lack making it nearly impossible to escape unless you have multiple grenades, a jetpack and armor made of man DeLorean iron which can withstand a light saber blade.

  • See, being clever doesn't disqualify you from being an idiot.

  • It's possible to be both.

  • And that is the case with Boba.

  • He was able to use his grenades in combination with his jetpack to blow himself out of the Starlight covered in digestive juices.

  • Alone in the desert, he was almost certainly going to die.

  • That is, until his fellow bounty hunter den Gar showed up to search the wreckage for valuables and stumbled upon the injured Boba Denker than nursed him back to health and even asked him to be his best man at his wedding.

  • Ah, what a happy ending.

  • Or at least it would be if it wasn't for issue 81.

  • Jaws of Doom.

  • You see, everything we talked about before either takes place in return of the Jedi or the Bounty Hunter and Man DeLorean armor book.

  • Siri's, which are set before and during the Battle of End or Joe was of doom, clearly takes place after the battle of end.

  • Or because this particular story starts with Han and Leia leaving end door heading back to tattooing where I shit you not Boba Fett is escaping the star like for a second time.

  • When and how did he get eaten again?

  • No idea, Never mentions.

  • It could be a different line of Canon, but let's just say somebody whacked him with another stick.

  • Boba, being the unstoppable bounty hunter that he is, escapes for a second time and then is immediately captured by Joe, was who think he's a robot.

  • Oh, also he has amnesia.

  • How original.

  • Luckily for Boba, these cute little dink tings had also stolen R two D two from the Millennium Falcon earlier that very day, and Han and Leia were in hot pursuit.

  • Once Han and Leia catch up to the job was sand crawler.

  • They bust in and to hunt, surprise stumble onto Boba Fett, chilling with our two since Honasan.

  • Nice dude, he attempts to help.

  • Boba escaped, But right before they're about to jump out of the sand crawler onto some speeder bikes.

  • Bouba gets all his memories back and tries to shoot home.

  • Obviously, that doesn't work, and Han and Leia take off with our two, leaving Boba on the sand crawler, which no joke falls right into the sore lack pit, flinging Boba into that toothy ma for 1/3 time.

  • That is why both defect is an idiot.

  • Now, whether all this stuff really took place as described is up for debate.

  • You see, Star Wars cannon is spread across six different forms of cannon cannon T cannon, see Canon s Cannon and Cannon and D Cannon and oh my God, that's too much cannon.

  • Who name these types of cannon anyway?

  • Head of research and development for umbrella corporation.

  • Ridiculous.

  • Lucky for us, none of this is canon anymore.

  • Seriously, we better all give J.

  • J.

  • Abrams a huge thank you.

  • Because as cool as some of the extended universe is, a lot of it is just batshit insane.

  • And that's why the force awakens is our new hope.

  • As always, Thanks again for watching guys keep giving these episodes of thumbs up and sharing them with your friends.

  • Boom steak even thought about telling me.

  • Good job.

  • Speaking of boom stick, make sure to go watch the latest episode of Death Battle.

  • It's a remastered version of the very first episode, with the fight being an incredible three day.

Lafayette may not have been the most badass character from the original Star Wars trilogy, but that hasn't kept him from growing into one of the most recognizable and famous characters from the franchise.


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