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  • this episode or death Metal Is Brought to You by Disorder.

  • The New Experience from swag Abide Games and Us at Screw Attack Cell by Southwest Gamers Voice nominee and winner of indie Bits 2014.

  • Pretty Bite Award Available now on Steam A Z The only child of the wealthy Bei Fong family Toff was kept a secret from the rest of the world.

  • Hit in a way, she was pampered and guarded like a fragile child.

  • Her parents were hopeful she could someday become a noble, respected member of Earth Kingdom society.

  • But their hopes were pretty much dead from the moment she bobbed out.

  • See those faded whites?

  • Yeah, tops completely blind.

  • My daughter is blind.

  • She is blind and tiny and hopeless and fragile.

  • Still fragile is the last word that I would want to use to describe this chick.

  • Frustrated by her parents, stubborn, coddling, tough.

  • Ran away from home at the age of six and ended up losing her way in a cave until she was rescued by some giant badger moles.

  • Yes, there badgers, and they are most imagine one of those things burrowing into your home.

  • What kind of best controlled even cover that.

  • Oh, wait, I know Fire Like toff Badger moles are blind.

  • So they took a liking tour.

  • Well, Ballade No.

  • And as the original artists of the craft, the Badger Mel's began her training in the art of earthbending.

  • These giant varmints done tough out of manipulate rock and stone, using her mind jig and throw, row, drink and alter earth in any conceivable way making verse, um, pretty down to earth attacks and defences.

  • That's not all.

  • The bachelor Mel's also taught her how to see are these ridiculous greeters also masters of LASIK surgery?

  • No Top does not use her eyes to see as a master earth bender talking sense the location of Earth anywhere.

  • Also, the blind badger moles navigate their tunnels using an earthbending technique known as the seismic sense.

  • And talk quickly picked up on this talent.

  • It's kind of like sonar.

  • It works by detecting the exact location and movement of a person or object through their interaction with the ground, which actually makes her blind is an attribute.

  • Her lack of site allows her to hone in on the seismic sense and react quicker than other benders in back.

  • She's so good at this that even her closes.

  • Friends sometimes forget she's blind.

  • Sorry and Top did not stop her training with just earthbending.

  • Her greatest achievement is the discovery of an all new bending art, one thought to be impossible metal bending.

  • It's another one of her tricks.

  • There is a giant hole in the box.

  • How is that a trick?

  • It's not.

  • It's the real deal.

  • I am the greatest are thinner in the world.

  • Don't you do dunderhead?

  • But is top spending skill enough to pierce the absolute defense of Gotta Tune in next week for the full episode and epic battle, please like and subscribe for more death metal?

  • And don't forget to deal a friend.

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  • We just release it on steam.

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  • Seriously, that game is intense.

  • It done me out of feel feelings during enjoyable puzzle solving.

  • Believe me when I say it's something you need to experience.

this episode or death Metal Is Brought to You by Disorder.


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託普步入死亡之戰! (Toph steps into DEATH BATTLE!)

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