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  • I told the South Florida Sun Sentinel on Sunday at a charity event for the Robbins House Family Foundation that he'd like to change positions this season for the Heat.

  • Despite not starting a point guard a single game since being drafted in 2015 he said quote, I'm looking forward to playing point guard this season.

  • We'll see how that works out.

  • But that's my plan is to play point guard and be the point guard for this team.

  • I just think for what our team wants out of that position, somebody who is a great communicator, somebody who is vocal, someone who gets guys in their spots.

  • I think pretty much I embody all of that.

  • So that's why I think I'm a good fit.

  • Nick, I think we're on Dragic.

  • Thanks about Winslow being If it at point guard, you think go on drug.

  • It cares at all rates because what has justice Winds will really done in his career to this point mean Goran Dragic's has played at a high level.

  • He has proven to be one of the better point guards in play when he's healthy on the floor.

  • Winslow was supposed to be a steal of the draft a few years ago, Winslow was supposed to be the guy that Miami could build around.

  • Everybody crust Michael Jordan for not taking that deal, that to get the pigs and they take Frank the tank in.

  • That didn't turn out well, but Winslow was supposed to be the guy that was going to help Miami push into the next decade or so input with Pat Riley and Erik Spoelstra, and he's an okay player.

  • But when I when I saw this quote way, were discussing out of one Justice Winslow.

  • So I checked in with the Heat on this on day, were a little surprised by the quote, because in their eyes, he kind of has been a point guard for the last year or two.

  • He hasn't been called a point guard, but he has the ball in his hands a lot of times when he's on the court, and so he's already in that position.

  • Um, and so it didn't it didn't rankle them at all in the sense that yeah, that's kind of a role that he's been playing it.

  • It puts him in a position, though with drug.

  • It's where drug.

  • It says, you know.

  • But when we did the trade deadline special or what we wanted free agency special.

  • Um, there was a chance going drug wasn't there.

  • He was going to Dallas.

  • But that trade obviously changed and had to move around Work Dragon still in Miami and that I think the fence is still mended.

  • Its been mended its fine.

  • But I would be surprised if he's not there long term because of where his contracts it's and what justice needs to do in his career in terms.

  • Taking a step forward, right?

  • And I mean, I thought the phrasing was interesting and I couldn't tell if he was just sort of letting the cat out of the bag about what he's already talked to the organization, about maybe just taking a little more ownership of it, or if he was telling the organization.

  • Well, I think I should play point guard.

  • My experience is that you don't tell President Pat Riley what you are going to do on the basketball court, he tells you that's the order.

  • It goes in.

  • You don't tell Erik Spoelstra, who is a very strong coach.

  • What happens on the basketball court.

  • He tells you that's the order.

  • It goes, And so I can't tell kind of what happened behind the scenes here.

  • We're in a position list era of the MPs.

  • So does it really matter what you're called?

  • Matters in the longer?

  • Well, that's why I said, I do wonder if Goran sort of feathers get ruffled just by, like having the title or not.

  • But we will say Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube.

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I told the South Florida Sun Sentinel on Sunday at a charity event for the Robbins House Family Foundation that he'd like to change positions this season for the Heat.


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