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  • alright ladies and gents

  • I'm sure you know who Venom is you know the always crazy often evil space alien that just won't leave

  • Spider-Man alone

  • Yeah, of course you do but what you might, not know is just how much Venom has affected the marvel universe

  • And how many major characters he's come into contact with and that's where I come in

  • I'm jocelyn the intern I do all the research nobody else wants to straight from the desk. Oh death battle

  • So right out the gate. Let's clear one thing up Venom is actually an Alien known as a clint r

  • But is most commonly referred to as a symbiote

  • symbiotes find a host and bond with it to give them a body to get around in as opposed to just being a pile of

  • Goop and these symbionts find hosts in damn near everything the most famous being Venom's current hosts, Eddie brock

  • Spider-Man himself may have best described the process when he said symbiotes bond to a host like chest hair to David hasselhoff

  • Good ones, baby

  • however, well before Venom found Eddie its first human host was actually deadpool who kind of accidentally broke into

  • The secret prison that Venom was being held in

  • Deadpool quickly noticed that the symbiote was more than just a nifty suit and was actually a living creature

  • Trying to interface with his mind in an odd show of compassion DP rejected Venom and put it back where he found it

  • Worrying that his insanity might not be the best thing for a mind-melding alien monster

  • Yeah, but it turns out that venom would actually be the one to make an impAct on Deadpool

  • you see shortly after being ditched by the Merc with the mouth Venom bonded with Spider-Man and

  • Barely attached to him, and you know how the story goes

  • But after spidey ditched him two venom returned to deadpool once again like that

  • Ex-boyfriend that you just can't help but go back to over and over and over despite knowing bettering

  • Him I was talking about somebody that I know um definitely not myself. No, okay?

  • Anyway this time Venom had a better understanding of the human mind and emotions

  • And when they did the symbiotic tango he ended up transferring his infatuation with Spider-Man as well as peters desire to do good

  • Into wade's mind. So yeah, venom is one of the largest reasons that deadpool is the character

  • We all know and love today since then Venom has really gotten around for starters

  • He spent a short time with the guardians of the Galaxy bonding with Groot Rocky Raccoon and Drax

  • eventually he took control of their ship and used it to fly back to his home planet as a

  • Thank-you

  • the symbiote cured all of them of any diseases and

  • Cancer pretty sweet deal if you ask me he's bonded with a german shepherd

  • And also hopped on to Miss marvel for a moment while it was short lived

  • It was pretty damn

  • Horrifying and if you thought any of those combos were awesome get ready because I'm busting out the big guns

  • Those of you who have been watching?

  • Desk of for a while may remember from the spider mobile episode that venom bonded with a flippin T-Rex

  • Which I still stand by my previous statement that this is easily one of the most badass comic book panels to ever exist

  • But it gets better let me introduce you to marcus marcus is a centaur who is also a werewolf

  • Who has a symbiote yeah?

  • I mean this guy is so badass that dracula calls him the perfect warrior and if he didn't have enough going for him

  • he eventually gets robot legs so marcus is a bionic Centaur Wolfie it a

  • Just let that sink in the only thing cooler than that is the following

  • so this one time

  • Venom the Red Hulk and ghost Rider had to fight the Devil's sun in order to keep las vegas from becoming hell

  • Ya think it's a little too late for that guys

  • But anyway in order to save the day venom bonded with the red hulk who was then given the spirit of vengeance becoming some?

  • Sort of Red Venom ghost Hulk writer hybrid look at this thing just look at it

  • That's a triple tall order of badass for the side of Dun yin rings

  • Fun fact marcus the centaur werewolf guy dude has diabetes and when fighting

  • Deadpool he actually stops to balance his blood sugar and during the quick break in their fight

  • Deadpool uses the time to tweet because

  • Deadpool

alright ladies and gents


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毒液能治癌?| 死神之戰臺 (Venom Cures Cancer? | Desk of DEATH BATTLE)

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