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  • a lot of movement in the East who basically through Dave on the desk for, like, OK, and they were doing this and doing this and that.

  • We're doing this because beyond Katie and Kyrie, we had the Sixers adding perennial All Star Al Horford in addition to bring back Tobias Harris, the Celtics replacing Kyrie with I don't know, let's just get another one all MBA guard Kemba Walker and the Pacers added Malcolm Brogdon to pair with star Victor Oladipo, which was kind of sneaky.

  • We also, of course, have the books reciting a bunch of guys.

  • Although they did let broadband go, we can see how these moves effect projected East favorites to win the conference.

  • Now these air hypothetical odds by Caesar's Dave.

  • I had to ask producer Danny what hypothetical odds were.

  • Hypothetical odds, it has been explained to me is the odds at Caesars would put out if they were putting odds on this right now, but are not, because for betting purposes, the money is, too.

  • It's too loose.

  • They could lose too much money if they did this right now.

  • Sometimes it's because, like a player could influence it in a way Sometimes it's because there's too much where they don't know yet.

  • Like these teams are hypothetical.

  • Odds are odds that a hypothetical boom hypothetically.

  • If, as things stand today, who would you say?

  • Dave is the best Deep in the East.

  • Hypothetically, it's two teams Philly and Milwaukee.

  • There's no doubt to me, uh, you know, we don't know, obviously with with quiet, not a Toronto.

  • But I think the team that's getting lost, here's Boston.

  • I mean, they still have three wings that everybody else in the league covets.

  • Jaylen Brown, Jayson Tatum and Gordon Hayward's gonna be better, I think two years removed from his injury, you don't want to be in a tight game against Kemba Walker.

  • He will get you at the anti, makes big, makes big shots, makes big plays.

  • And let's not forget Isiah Thomas.

  • Best two years were at Brad Stevens running.

  • It has the ball time making all the plays.

  • There's a young team, though, that needs to get over holding the basketball.

  • It's not my turn, your turn, my turn, your turn.

  • It puts a lot of pressure on the coach.

  • Let's play.

  • Here's our pecking order list.

  • Guy sets the table.

  • Everybody else playoff him.

  • And I think if they do that, they could be successful.

  • Well, I think Milwaukee did a great job yesterday, and I think one thing I want to point out is that they're not done.

  • They may be done with free agency, but by doing that, signing free with broadband, they picked up three draft picks.

  • Plus, I believe that $13 million trade exception that they can use to add to this team through the season.

  • So I mean, we're talking about 1 60 games last year, anyway, has the M V.

  • P.

  • I think they're gonna be in great position.

  • They're gonna have great continuity if Kawai resides with Toronto.

  • Your take your head off to the champs and saying You are the favorites.

  • But if that doesn't happen, Milwaukee is going to be in great position.

  • Like Milwaukee, like Philly.

  • I like India, and I really think what they did was not a splashy as some of the other moves, but I think they moved themselves up tremendously.

  • First we talk about Brogden, him and all the people that might be the best defensive backcourt in the NBA.

  • When you talk about two guys who guard either position, switch everything and then play the honor ofall offensively.

  • And then it didn't really jump out right now.

  • But people going to see a T J.

  • Warren was an excellent pick up for them that cost him basically just $2 million in cash.

  • Being able to add a guy like that, a score like that is really going to help them, because Indiana, you saw it, especially when all the people went down.

  • Offense was hard to come by for them.

  • They're a good defensive team now.

  • They added another score to the mix.

  • I really like what the Pacers are doing, but yeah, I would say if we won't pecking order, It's Milwaukee and filled up Last year, I thought I thought Philadelphia had the best team to match up with the honest because Tobias Simmons there all they all have the size right and Butler, and so they lose Butler and they had a big That's interesting to me because when you watch the playoffs, it sizes down its small, small small.

  • It's will be very interesting to see how the playoffs matchup in these, what they can force.

  • I do like your point, though, about Camba.

  • Because, as you say with I T, here's a guy who was considered a defensive liability and his height.

  • And these are things we hear about Cambo.

  • But who got maximize, maximize maximize by Brad Brad Stevens fixed in his cancer defensively.

  • If he does that, I will kneel.

  • I'll bet this kid had some stronger defensive moments than we expected in Portland.

  • How about that's a nice way to way.

  • We're not the nice show.

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a lot of movement in the East who basically through Dave on the desk for, like, OK, and they were doing this and doing this and that.


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