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  • from the animators of Death Battle.

  • This is one minute melee where all the fights are settled in 60 seconds.

  • Research.

  • There's no time for research.

  • We've got 60 seconds on the clock and let the fighters do all the talking.

  • Two fighters, No research, 60 seconds, one minute.

  • Premieres Monday, October 6 with two episodes and new episodes every two weeks only on screw attack.

  • The results of one of her male heir not associated with death battle with broomstick are not responsible for the outcome of a fight.

  • So please don't send any bitchy complains via email, text Facebook or any other form of communication whatsoever on this planet.

  • Enjoy the show.

from the animators of Death Battle.


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新系列《一分鐘混戰》週一登場! (NEW SERIES One Minute Melee Debuts Monday!)

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