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  • they're looking at Isaiah Thomas, potentially having gone into the stands is what we're being told.

  • I t is on the bench right now.

  • It must have been a fan.

  • I didn't see it.

  • Let's check in with Chris and see what he knows.

  • Guys.

  • As soon as the play was over with, Isaiah, Thomas walked right up into the stands and saw the two fans whatever they said to him, I went to the guy's face to face with Security, came over there and sported to Philly fans out of here.

  • But I'd say it was calm.

  • He just walked right up to him, said whatever he had to say to him.

  • There, you see with security right there and they got those two guys out of there, the guy with the camp to the back and his friend with the blue six years jersey on.

  • They were escorted out of the arena, so whatever they said, Oh, I see it was enough for him to walk into the stands.

  • Wait.

  • Some other outcomes players walking in the stands, they never ends.

  • Well, I think that one ended will quiet and calm and collected, but I think this is what's under review Right now, he's able to stay in the game or is that automatically ejection?

  • Referees Air Still looking at this right now?

  • So the time out takes place.

  • I t walks over there was played team security, always on his toes.

  • Thomas has been ejected for going into, so I, too will leave the game with 20 points.

  • And that's why I mean it never ends.

  • Well, that young fan is happy.

  • Got a headband from Isiah Thomas.

  • Wizards lose to the Sixers, but the bigger story Isiah Thomas, with about five minutes to go in the fourth quarter, went into the stands to confront some fans.

  • Isaiah was ejected from the game here he is at his locker after the game, explaining what happened.

  • What prompted you to go into the stands?

  • I'm never gonna be disrespected in any way.

  • My dad taught me out of young age.

  • I never let anybody call you out of your name, and it doesn't matter where I am.

  • That's not gonna happen.

  • So when I missed the first free throw and made the second, I'm running back in.

  • A fan has both of those middle fingers up three times So then the time out goes and I go in the stands to confront him.

  • I say, Don't be disrespectful, that calm being I'm a man before anything and be a fan And his response was, I'm sorry.

  • I just wanted a frosty because if you missed two free goes, I guess the fans get a frosty.

  • So that's what happened.

  • And I walked back and I told my security who wa so he could get kicked out the game because that's no way, shape or form that that should be allowed at all.

  • I'm gonna leave for a while.

  • Fans going to say whatever they want.

  • Don't ever call me out of my name.

  • That's not because I would never do that to anybody else.

  • And I think that that crossed the line like I got kids.

  • I got a family like that's that's not OK at all.

  • So I just went to go tell him that no disrespectful way is Commons.

  • I am right now and those are the three things I said and that was his response.

  • What do you think the response will be from the league?

  • I don't know.

  • I know they're going to investigate and I tell them the same thing.

  • So if you're for the players, I feel like you're gonna back me because I didn't do anything disrespectful.

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they're looking at Isaiah Thomas, potentially having gone into the stands is what we're being told.


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在奇才對陣76人的比賽中,以賽亞-托馬斯與球迷發生衝突後,被驅逐出場。 (Isaiah Thomas ejected after confrontation with fans in Wizards vs. 76ers | NBA Sound)

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