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  • So, uh, first game finally got on the court with the team.

  • How did it feel?

  • Finally getting some game time?

  • That's one thing.

  • It was fine.

  • Playing with this team is a different pace.

  • You know, it's hard to guard fast paced team.

  • You know, the other side of that, you get the, you know, see what itwas for now being on this side.

  • It's fund a adjust to Daniel.

  • What was it like your first game playing next to Steph Sharing the ball.

  • And what sort of kink still need to be worked out on offense?

  • Yeah.

  • I mean, just all brand new.

  • You know, I think the more time that more games we play, the more the more that chemistry will.

  • Bill.

  • So you know, Andrew, what jumped out to you with Chase Center?

  • Oh, man, you could tell us a brand new arena.

  • You know, you got that brand new smell?

  • Um, the ram, the rims, you know, kind of feel like they were, you know, brand new type of thing.

  • You know, it was it was rocking in there.

  • So, you know, I felt like the vibe felt like it was a complete different vibe.

  • than what I'm used to.

  • Did you know staff was gonna pull up from 40 play one?

  • Was that, like, talked about?

  • I did.

  • I did, Uh, he said it.

  • I didn't take it that serious, But sometimes you got the shot.

  • I wish you could have saw my face and slow Mo was like, I was so shocked.

  • But man is having fun with the game.

  • When did he tell you pre pre game, cause Look like you got the rebound you, like, looked right for literally right where you're on the scorer's table.

  • I'm introduced, you know, saying with some sort of, you know, the broadcast, whatever.

  • And he's like, you know, I might shoot that thing right away.

  • I was like, I'm I shoot it too.

  • I'm joking.

  • Hey, was completely serious.

  • So yeah, I mean, it's like I said is enjoying the game.

  • You guys all missed some shots tonight, but overall offensive execution.

  • How did you feel in the system?

  • It's cool, man.

  • I can say it's all brand new to us.

  • You know, we got a lot of new guys trying to figure it out.

  • Include myself.

  • It's not really second nature for a lot of lush.

  • It's just the more we play, the more we practice watch, film on it.

  • Easier to get.

  • I think D.

  • Angelo stuff said that you guys were getting used to the Lakers and preseason.

  • What'd you think of their combination with A B LeBron and Dwight in some of their new guys is different, is different.

  • Seeing all these big guys will floor at the same time LeBron playing point alongside those dudes.

  • It's cool.

  • It looks like a like a fantasy team or something.

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So, uh, first game finally got on the court with the team.


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