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  • all right.

  • The Celtics not only lost the Pacers last night, but they lost Gordon Hayward as well.

  • They would have to leave the game after unintentionally getting hit in the nose.

  • By DOUG McDermott.

  • Celtics A Gordon Hayward.

  • It's probable to play tonight against the Sixers.

  • Scotty is Hayward's help being in and out of the lineup something nothing or everything.

  • I would say it's nothing.

  • He sees a guy that's been made with a bounce back and this Boston Celtics team.

  • They're they're they're built for the long haul.

  • They got enough guys over there toe feel a void when they miss a guy here in there.

  • And minutes is not a problem for them.

  • The Jack guys being it's up to.

  • So I see this being hey would bounce back, they're gonna be ready for the playoffs.

  • This is nothing.

  • But Tonight's game against the Sixers is a really important game.

  • It's almost everything because there's matchup with the Sixers.

  • The difference between the Celtics have a chance to get out of the East.

  • Not in my mind.

  • They have a bad loss last night Indiana, where they blow a late lead.

  • They gotta prove tonight they can handle.

  • Indeed, on opening night in Philly, they could not handle.

  • So let's see.

  • It's interesting because obviously, they lost the home opener to Philly.

  • You go down to O in the season, Siri's.

  • I mean, that could be huge.

  • It places a lot.

  • Mawr kind of weight on those later games on the schedule for them as they play, as they were all kind of jostling for position.

  • They're in the Eastern Conference.

  • All right, the Knicks.

  • Sorry, I need a second.

  • Knicks finally slap their 10 game losing streak, the next Taliban gold state in overtime.

  • Win by markets.

  • Morrison.

  • Season high.

  • 36 points.

  • I can't believe I'm asking this Brian Knicks snapping their 10 game losing streak, something nothing are every.

  • Not only is this nothing.

  • I thought that the Warriors win this game.

  • I e.

  • I saw D'Angelo.

  • Russell hit the three Senate over time.

  • I went to bed on it.

  • When I got in today, they were like a shed something up.

  • Whenever the next one I go, the next one, I didn't even know that's how nothing it was for me.

  • Is this nothing?

  • I mean, you flip a corn and you kind of hope it don't come down, but you know it's gonna this'll my favorite part of the Knicks instagram account official account.

  • Call it a roller coaster ride, but a must win to get back on track with a little flecks.

  • Emoji hashtag New York forever, Which is a really terrible Ashfaque.

  • Scotty.

  • Can a four and 20 team ever have a must win game?

  • I would say yes, because players start to lose it mentally, and then they started to come up with all kind of excuses and faking injuries.

  • So you want to get him back on the winning streak and kind of get him back on the bandwagon.

  • I think the wind like especially on the road when teams were able to come together, it boosts their confidence.

  • And plus, you know, you celebrating the culture, birth winds, That's cool.

  • That's cool.

  • But from a lottery standpoint, this could end up being a loss.

  • Think about what?

  • The year they beat the Hawks on the last day and it ruined the to the Warriors, who could end up right?

  • Hey, guys, I got to tell you, as players, you're not thinking about that.

  • You just want I know I'm alright.

  • Some happiness in that locker room.

  • I just know where you can get it is what a win, Absolutely.

  • But I don't think it's a muscling because if you tell me the muscle, not if they had lost it.

  • What does that mean now?

  • The season's over.

  • I don't know.

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all right.


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