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  • Dwight Howard, addressing the Ellie media for the first time since returning to the Lakers.

  • He did that in a conference call today.

  • Here, he said, Quote.

  • My job is to come here and help this team win.

  • It's not to get any into any arguments with Shaq or Kobe or anyone.

  • I don't plan on to letting anything distract me from helping this team win a championship.

  • Now I do want to say I believe that someone on the conference call asked him a question.

  • Okay, here's the thing you is when you see these quotes.

  • I like it when as a reporter, I like it when guys answer our questions, so I can never have never bash anyone for shouldn't been talking about that.

  • He was, I believe, answering a question about the recent check Kobe hullabaloo.

  • Let's call it that went back and forth, and his point was, I'm not getting involved, which is, of course, not.

  • Getting involved in the back and forth with Kobe is a very different approach.

  • Malika from his first it as a Laker.

  • Do you think this experiment's gonna work?

  • Look, I mean, I think that was it an interesting statement to make.

  • I'm so glad to hear that he's not planning to get into any of those arguments.

  • That being said, I mean, Onley time is going to tell, right?

  • And the Lakers have not had good luck with their big men.

  • Contingency plans, right?

  • They had to Marcus Cousins that clearly didn't go the way that they thought it was going to.

  • And the thing is what Dwight Howard is going to show up in Los Angeles, right?

  • Is it the mature and introspective Dwight Howard, who has spent time kind of trying to fix his body and take some time away?

  • Or is it going to be that kind of drama filled circle that he's kind of had orbiting around him?

  • Coming into this locker room that already has the potential?

  • Teoh, you know, be a little bit spontaneously combustible, And so that's really the question for him, I think.

  • Will those issues leak into the Lakers because they don't have the culture yet?

  • They haven't established that to kind of let to be able to deal with some of the things that Dwight Howard has had following him in his career, So I'm a little bit skeptical It just cracks me up that Shaq and Kobe don't always get along on much, but they boast, dislike Dwight.

  • They just they don't want to deal with any of this nonsense.

  • But truly, what is the best case scenario for Dwight Howard?

  • This is the problem that so many embassy fans have in the moment.

  • You get caught up on the name.

  • Oh, Dwight Howard.

  • This is not Dwight, who was 24 years old in Orlando, dominating everybody.

  • This is Dwight Howard, who's gonna be 34 who looks old from a basketball sense who hasn't given much of anything the last couple seasons so people would get so caught up on.

  • Oh, it's Dwight Howard.

  • This isn't the same guy.

  • He's going to the Hall of Famer rates.

  • That that made me said Dwight Howard, who's going to the Hall of Fame is on a conference call.

  • It's just shows how far he has fallen in the greater depths of the MBA because almost any other future Hall of Famer gets his own press conference.

  • Here's the jersey the Lakers are like.

  • Here we go again.

  • Let's just do this conference call and get through it.

  • I mean, look, we'll see if he's on the team, right?

  • Not not only after training camp, but a couple months.

  • And then we'll just have to see are producing staff like the fact that he's gonna wear 39.

  • So, you know, look for number 39 in your programs, that would be a hot seller.

  • 39.

  • That expression is I was straight the best because I do think continuing to come back and try when things haven't as you point out be going well the past few years.

  • Ah, lot of people would have said Great.

  • I'm taking my many millions of dollars in going home.

  • Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube.

Dwight Howard, addressing the Ellie media for the first time since returning to the Lakers.


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