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  • hold you spread possible impact interrogations.

  • I think it's great.

  • You know, you guys have help the game grow globally and just having opportunities to come over in numerous amount of times.

  • With Nike basketball in the n b A, you can see the impact and just looking at some of the players who had the opportunity to come to the States and play.

  • Ya mean it has been great.

  • And I think the players that have been able to contribute to the NBA has truly helped globalized our our game, your man house become a global X Games.

  • Well, I I think through the Olympics, through Nike, basketball, through the star, players traveling and helping to try to grow the game in different countries and other small cities in inside of Channel and the n B A.

  • Just have an opportunity to continue to come over here each year to play a game in China to play a game in London.

  • It's continued to bill our fan base around the world.

  • MBA is better.

  • The best players play in the NBA, giving the sermon you're talking about international himself.

  • Holte compared well.

  • They have improved himself in in terms of being able to compete.

  • They have closed the gap from a competitive level and they've gotten better physically.

  • So they've truly closed the gap on us in terms of getting players into the MBA, They realized that, you know it is open door there if they work on certain things and bill a certain skill level that they have even greater chance are playing in the MBA because we want to grow the game and we want international players that can help be recognized all over the world.

  • And that's been the beauty off globalising.

  • The game is to get international players to be able to play.

  • So what's your citation off like a superstar?

  • What's interpretation of Team USA doing in favor?

  • What, well, my expectations in for them not to lose a game.

  • I still think that we're still far ahead of the other teams that are playing in the World Cup, but they have to prove it and they have to play well.

  • We definitely improve our recruiting and preparation in terms for the international game so that players have been working together.

  • They spent time together and that seems to be something that has been able to help us over the last few years because the international team were closing the gap a little bit and we realized that.

  • So the American players have to just put more time in and not feel like that.

  • We have that advantage that we had 15 20 years ago, and that's two questions.

  • What more is in the summer?

  • A lot of tradition being What's your excitement?

  • Expectations for the new season?

  • Wow, that's a lot of excitement, you know, it's a lot of teams that have improved them themselves.

  • But, um, every year is it's like this a little bit on no Golden State.

  • That's kind of dominated in the last 23 years.

  • But, you know, looking at what's happening in L.

  • A with the Clippers with the Lakers, what happened with Houston?

  • I think all the action will definitely be on the West Coast teams, but I still think, ah, team like Milwaukee, maybe even a Toronto, even the late they lost Kawai, Um, they're they're still going to be some teams there that are going to do well in the east and obviously one, I'm gonna come out.

  • So I think this year probably be Milwaukee.

  • I expect the honest that makes him an improvement.

  • But, um is gonna be exciting.

  • You never know what is gonna happen for its the injuries of things like that.

  • But when you look at it on paper, you know the Houston, the Lakers, Clippers, those are gonna be the dominant team.

  • And you still can't forget about Golden State.

  • Last Pressure is bothered about courage as a possible war.

  • There's a lot of some father son relationship, Jr Well, paying college.

  • He's another the stars together.

  • Kocian Juries not comes on.

  • Uh, is that a pressure for for him to play with the lighting father are What's your expectation took for him?

  • I wish I could answer that honestly, but I'm not him and I don't really know.

  • But I'm sure there is some pressure.

  • To some degree, people expect him to be like his father, but hes embraced it Well, he's, uh, he's been living this this sort of junior life, you know, his whole life.

  • So he understands it from a basketball standpoint, and I think he's ready to embrace it.

  • I guess.

  • Sound up to something about the father helped Father that compensation with care market.

  • No, not not, not really were kind of.

  • Actually, Kenya son didn't come to school with my son, but we we talk about our kids a lot, but, um, it would have been great if he will came there.

  • But yo, my son will be fine.

  • I think he's He's embraces, had not embraced it, and he probably wouldn't be playing basketball, But he's embraced the pressures that comes with the game.

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hold you spread possible impact interrogations.


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