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  • Wiz: On the other side of reality an alternate universe exists.

  • A Digital World full of wonders and monsters and of the Digimon which inhabits that world few are as respected as the mightier Renamon.

  • Boomstick: Renamon a rookie Digimon which basically means: they're like Digi teenagers.

  • So that explains why they're always so moody.

  • Wiz: Compared to other rookie level Digimon; Renamon possesses exceptional speed and attack stats at the expense of fairly low defense.

  • Renamon's appearance resembles that of a japanese yokai called the Kitsune a fox spirit, these spirits are often described as being very mischievous.

  • Which is ironic given that the typical Renamon is very stoic in earnest.

  • Boomstick: Plus some of 'em really don't care for humanity and you think of them as a tool for their own evolution.

  • Wiz: Digi-volution.

  • Boomstick: Whatever.

  • Still Renamon are super smart and always keep their cool.

  • In fact it may be too cool; I don't like the look in its eyes Wiz.

  • It's like it thinks better than me.

  • Wiz: It is better than you Boomstick.

  • Not only is Renamon rational and composed it always showcases exceptional prowess in battle mainly relying on Hand-to-Hand combat.

  • Boomstick: More like Paw-to-Paw combat.

  • (Windows 10 sound)

  • Aha!

  • (Windows Vista sound effect)

  • It's got a wicked Roundhouse kick among several other dangerous martial arts skills.

  • It can use its amazing speed to surprise attack its enemies with a Swift Strike.

  • Then there's the Super Chop which is an even swifter swift strike.

  • Wiz: There is also Rapid Kick and Spin Kick.

  • Mmm... Digimon may be effective fighters, but their attack names could sure use a little work.

  • Boomstick: Oh don't worry we're getting to the good ones.

  • Renamon can enhance its attacks with an internal energy that makes GHOST FIRE!

  • Wiz: This is like Renamon embracing its Yokai inspiration.

  • As a similar to the folklore of a magical light emitted by Kitsune Tales which lead wanderers astray.

  • Boomstick: Okay but this one is used to destroy people.

  • When a Renamon comes at you with a burning foot; It's usin' Power Paw its strongest physical move.

  • Some Renamon can even create ghost clones of themselves for additional strikes.

  • Wiz: But Renamon isn't just kicks and punches its signature attack is called Diamond Storm.

  • Which summons a furious gust of wind and a terrifying amount of razor sharp...

  • Boomstick: Diamonds?

  • Wiz: No leaves.

  • Boomstick: Whaaa?

  • The one time they try a creative name and it totally doesn't make any sense.

  • Who comes up with it shit!?

  • Wiz: It would certainly make more sense to use diamonds the hardest naturally occurring substance in the world.

  • Boomstick: Uh Wiz why would you just throw away diamonds? if I were Renamon I just scoop those puppies up and sell 'em to make bank.

  • Do you know how many Bigfoot traps I could buy with that kind of money?

  • I would definitely cut that guy by now.

  • Wiz: Is that what those things are all around the lab?

  • Boomstick: Oh that reminds me?

  • I didn't check the traps today.

  • Wiz: Well o...okay, come back next week for the full episode of Lucario VS. Renamon.

  • (A trap caught Wiz's cat)

  • (Wiz's cat meowing)

  • Boomstick: Hey Wiz?

  • Got some bad news about your cat.

Wiz: On the other side of reality an alternate universe exists.


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雷納蒙數字化成《死亡之戰》! (Renamon Digitizes into DEATH BATTLE!)

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