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  • basically by myself.

  • Number breaking, no shoot, but way, way.

  • Oh, you know, you've been a home run.

  • All that a lot of winning.

  • All right, Electric?

  • Yeah.

  • Smart, but way Whatever is left out.

  • Way, way.

  • No way.

  • One way I want to go home What they used to belong to where was expressed?

  • What are some things that we picked up along the way with experience?

  • A lot of people with emotional swings came the game.

  • Could you talk about the second half points to steal a couple deflections there?

  • Salt?

  • About that run that really flipped game there, Spurred by you guys.

  • I got my head knocked off.

  • Kind of woke me up a little bit.

  • So, uh, that way gotta win the game mind set that it's not really detrimental to the personhood.

  • Some when I get it, sometimes it comes out playing in a positive way.

  • It helps our team.

  • So buys a detrimental to the person with the way you're going back down to make so much noise about how the atmosphere, you know you have, you know, they really supported their team.

  • Not just in this way.

  • A lot of fans, you know, they are able company way they used to, but they've always been very supportive area little force trying to finish it off, right?

  • Everything you guys have, overcome all the championships you want.

  • What motivates you to keep going to play her at this one in your career?

  • Uh, I understand.

  • I like step, good, good guy to be around.

  • That's really you want.

  • You want him to win like that's that's what it is.

  • Yeah, I think they have never seen a person such a good person ever, some backlash or whatever from other peers.

  • Next, protected with obviously going to get to this point with working, you know, more, more year around a system in the booth.

  • It's easier.

  • Once you assert your things out, you're finding your spots way.

  • Know where everybody brings to the table so way trying to help you conserve.

  • What would you like to hit that shot looking for?

  • Even in the finals game, it was no different having time, right?

basically by myself.


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