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  • guys, this is Christopher Sabot.

  • I'm Fujita and Piccolo Dragonball Z Also Zorro in one piece and now solid snake in death.

  • We've got a party crasher.

  • This guy is gonna be a problem if I don't take care of him now.

  • Damn!

  • Are you all right?

  • How is close?

  • You're welcome, by the way.

  • Hello.

  • Is this thing on?

  • This guy's a professional.

  • All right.

  • Be careful.

  • Can you see where he is?

  • Thanks.

  • Oughta Con piece of cake.

  • I'm not exaggerating when I say the success of my mission hinges on how I use this cardboard box.

  • Snake snake stay.

guys, this is Christopher Sabot.


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死亡之戰》週二下架!克里斯托弗-薩巴特是Solid Snake! (DEATH BATTLE drops Tuesday! Christopher Sabat is Solid Snake!)

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