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  • the N B A.

  • Woolridge in the season at Disney World in Orlando, Florida For players on the 22 invited teams, life as they know it is about well, let's just say it's gonna be a little different.

  • Maria Taylor takes us inside the bubble.

  • They're calling it the bubble, but think of it as a camp, a basketball camp with the biggest, fastest, baddest campers in the world.

  • They won't dine in mess halls, but will have a dedicated Disney culinary team three meals a day, four on game day.

  • They have personal trainers, but no pets.

  • They won't be sleeping in cabins, but in a resort.

  • Teams will be assigned to one of three deluxe hotels based on current standings in each conference.

  • That's right.

  • There are still levels to this.

  • Barbers, manicurists, pedicures and hair braiders will be available.

  • There will be Ping pong, but no doubles, fishing, video gaming and goal and excursions to Disney's Animal Kingdom to enjoy.

  • But this will not be a Joy ride.

  • Theme schedule will be.

  • Type the rules.

  • Strict protocols strictly enforced.

  • Regular corona virus testing mass warn went off the court.

  • No exceptions.

  • I want to leave campus That's cool, but there's a mandatory quarantine period upon return.

  • Now for the business at hand, teams will have seven quarts to practice on.

  • Want to get up some extra shots or an open run?

  • That's by appointment.

  • Only.

  • Players want to take in the action and scout the competition.

  • Oh, it could be done.

  • But once they go live, each team has eight games to finalize seedings for the playoffs.

  • Oh, and of course, no crowds, but it will still be intense.

  • It will still be inspired.

  • There may not be fans, but there's always fire when the best in the world square off the NBA distilled at Disney World, eating, sleeping and balling for the game's top prize.

  • And for pride inside the bubble.

  • Well, that thanks Maria Taylor for bringing us that we now welcome in R N B.

  • A insider Brian Wynne horse.

  • Okay, just to recap Windy.

  • The Nuggets closed their facility this past Saturday because of concerns with the Corona virus and then three unnamed pelicans players have tested positive.

  • Further GM David Griffin.

  • What more can you tell us about?

  • All of this is happening Well, you know, the n B.

  • A last week disclosed that 16 players tested positive just last week.

  • So we knew that those guys were out there without question.

  • But the fact that guys have started testing positive in the facilities, both players and staff members is obviously concerning.

  • And I would say that a week ago as I talked to executives, players and and staff members, that there was a concern about this.

  • But they were all pretty anxious to go, which is why we haven't seen many players and other people pull out so far.

  • Ah, week later.

  • It's really changing a little bit, not only the numbers in Florida, but also more positive testing at thes you know, at these facilities.

  • Plus, we've had some positive tests and other bubbles, such as on the PGA Tour.

  • You know, it's another week before the team start leaving to go to Florida.

  • The confidence level in that miss this next week is going to be fragile.

  • The MBA believes once we get down to Orlando in that bubble that things will be safe and that they will do everything possible and that this will work.

  • But getting to that bubble is proving to be very nervous, nervy Yeah.

  • And listen, there is 100 and one pages of protocols, right to protect them, one of their.

  • But there are also concerns about that Orlando bubble, particularly when it comes to the coaches.

  • Right?

  • You've got five of the 22 teams head coaches that are 60 or older.

  • What are you hearing on this front?

  • See, this is something that the league has not commented on yet.

  • When I checked with them, they said it is an ongoing medical review process.

  • Every single person who is going to go into the bubble not only has to pass a Corona virus test, but they get their medical records reviewed by a three physician panel, also by their team physician.

  • And they could be flat says right there in the protocol that they could be barred from going.

  • And there are a number of staff and coaches who have not been clear.

  • David Griffin just mention Alvin Gentry has not been cleared.

  • They're supposed to submit their lists of the 35 people going for team tomorrow, and yet we have no information of how many coaches and staff tested positive, and we have no clearance list of the coaches.

  • This is something that is out there.

  • It is going to become an issue in the next couple of days, and there is a legal process here.

  • This isn't just a medical issue, but a legal issue, because if you bar somebody just for being a certain age, it is a e o.

  • C violation.

  • And the agent for Alvin Gentry and Mike D'Antoni has already threatened legal action.

  • This is a lot of things going on.

  • Everybody just wants to get to the bubble.

  • But again, the process to get there is just really proving difficult.

the N B A.


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