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  • they could put to Houston right back in the mix.

  • We all know that James Harden was a top two.

  • M v P candidate was the M V P last season, not the one that just passed.

  • We know what he brings to the table in a relationship with him, and Chris Paul wasn't ideal at the end.

  • Having said all of that, James Harden reunited.

  • What?

  • Russell Westbrook makes them incredibly formidable.

  • He can't be got it.

  • He's bigger.

  • He's stronger and faster than Chris Paul, Not to mention a little bit younger as well.

  • Houston obviously, is in the mix yet again.

  • This is a move that had to be made.

  • I have no problem with Houston making it whatsoever.

  • I think from a talent perspective, it puts them right back, entitled Contention Picture.

  • My only question mark is whether or not Mike D'Antoni can coach them on that level.

  • We know he can win regular season games.

  • We know he could win a couple of playoff series, but it can.

  • He coached them, the man in the manner that they need to be coached to get them over the hump.

  • That's the lone question mark about the Houston Rockets.

  • After this deal, I see no other question marks that think of.

  • Okay, so, Stephen a things the Rockets and rightfully so I might add, or at least in contention, to win the title and in contention in the West, Who's the favorite in the West for you?

  • The favorite in the West for me probably is between the Clippers and the Utah Jazz.

  • Where do you put the Rockets?

  • I put them, hovered them around 45 with the Lakers and Denver dip.

  • Internal injuries and players continue to develop.

  • But one of the things that also allowed this deal to happen is the out spoken and respectfully flamboyant owner that the Houston Rockets half in a different way from the Clippers.

  • They get a chance to see all of these big names popping up in different places.

  • And they like, What about us?

  • I'm willing to pay the luxury tax toe.

  • Have James Harden and Russell Westbrook on my team, and Stephen agents alluded to something that I just acknowledged.

  • If we're talking about Kent, Mike D'Antoni coach, those two guys at some point, the question probably going to be asked, Couldn't Billy Donovan, Coach Paul George in Russell Westbrook.

  • It went as well.

  • So these things are going to continue to play out.

  • As you know, here's the deal.

  • I mean what we say where these guys stand, like, Here's the deal.

  • The other guys trying to win, also like Houston's gotten better.

  • But so the Lakers.

  • So the Clippers, Denver is not going anywhere.

  • Utah's backcourt.

  • Let me tell you something.

  • Connelly and Donovan Mitchell.

  • That might be the best backcourt in the West.

  • So like, Look, have they gotten better here?

  • Are they going to be in the conversation yet?

  • But like people like trashing Mike D'Antoni or even trash a Billy Donovan, here's the deal.

  • Those teams are good teams, but there are other teams that have good combinations and good players.

  • And you know what?

  • They didn't win either.

  • Because you know what?

  • You have Golden State Warriors, all right.

  • You had other teams that were better than then.

  • How about this?

  • These seven teams in the West are going to make the playoffs.

  • It's crazy.

  • Clippers, Lakers, Denver Yep, Utah, Portland.

  • You had a terrific backcourt in the Momma's Boys in Houston, and I didn't even mention the Spurs, who we always sleep on or the Warriors who are gonna have are the words gonna make the place.

  • That's the big question.

  • Is talking about New Orleans.

  • I don't see normals.

  • Maybe they'll make the playoffs over Sacramento, Mavs and pelicans.

  • Yeah, exactly 100% real quickly.

  • So with all of this, where do you have the Rockets?

  • If I've got 1/5 I've got the Clippers, Lakers, Denver Jazz and Houston.

  • I probably would flip the Jazz and and Endeavor, and I'm not sure, Like, I think the Lakers in the most overvalued team because, I think five years ago said yesterday they would be really good in today.

  • I don't see them being as Good evening, LeBron terms.

  • If you think the second best team in the West, you just said they weren't.

  • Yeah, I think they have topped 14.

  • I had him as the top four, but do you look?

  • But I don't think number two don't you so high in the Jack.

  • But I'm just saying, like a lot of times, betting lines and odds are based on teams popularity.

  • Totally.

  • But if you gonna find a sneaky bed on somebody, I put my money on Utah.

  • Okay, You talk good and a lot of money.

  • A lot of people would agree with you on that, too.

  • They've made some good moves that people don't even talk about.

  • Either way, At the end of the day, this is at the end of the day, a got a lot of top of my head, which I'm not smarter for, by I think not only is an ascending team, I don't think they have a player on their roster has been an All Star.

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they could put to Houston right back in the mix.


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