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  • the Sixers beat the Nuggets last night.

  • Six was improving to 13 to know at home this season.

  • So Joel Embiid He led the 16 22 nickel.

  • Yokich dropped 15 for the Nuggets.

  • But even though these guys were in the box score, both have seen their scoring decline this season.

  • Scotty, who are you more confident is going to rebound this year?

  • Joel or yoga?

  • I think ilk.

  • It's, I think, that the office will have to run through them for the for the Nuggets to be successful.

  • So his his opportunities, they're gonna come.

  • He's gonna get his average up.

  • And as a season coming, I think his energy and his conditioning would get better, but not to not be there.

  • They're both excellent players, but I think focus for Denver to be successful.

  • Everything has to go through it.

  • One of the reasons and these numbers are down is his minutes or down.

  • Yes, they are specifically reducing his load so that he doesn't run out of gas at the end of the season.

  • So I think if they added more minutes the stats would get back up.

  • I wouldn't focus on those averages, you know, the Nuggets.

  • If I told Mike Malone two months ago they were gonna have the number two defense in the league, he had been like, we're gonna be 20 and three.

  • They've got the number 22 offense and that is really related to their struggles with their most important offensive player, which is Yokich.

  • And frankly, I keep talking about this.

  • He looked terrible in China, and I know that you don't evaluate how a guy looks in August and say, That's who he is terrible in China, he has not looked like himself here.

  • He's just been off.

  • And until he comes back on, I don't know if the Nuggets either.

  • They're coming off losing five out of six.

  • They just went on a 1 to 3 road trip.

  • If he doesn't come back, it has to be him because he doesn't come back.

  • They're not gonna be the team that they thought they were gonna be this year.

  • I feel like the Sixers still have more to figure out.

  • I'm still looking for spacing with that team.

  • I'm still wondering if you're gonna try to pick up a shooter.

  • Why are you taking my joy?

  • Joy?

  • There's Onley this most joy.

  • It's not a lot of joy.

  • And you're just trying t o yes, whether they're gonna pick up someone like him, whether they can do that at the deadline.

  • And so I just feel like I haven't seen yet what the Sixers they're supposed to be Now.

  • You would say, with all of the tweaks and changes they've made over the last year and 1/2 they should be where they're supposed to be already.

  • They shouldn't still be a work in progress, but I think they are.

  • So therefore, I'm just not ready to say this is what Joe and the season is like until I see kind of where everything else is gonna shuffle out with them.

  • I'm worried about Yokich and how lethargic he's looked, but we do know what the Nuggets are supposed to be.

  • So if he picks it back up Scotty, to your point, maybe he just goes off to the races with that signed out.

the Sixers beat the Nuggets last night.


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