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  • How much were you thinking about your grandfather when the pick was finally and you knew you were gonna play your career?

  • New York?

  • I was crazy.

  • That was one of the reasons why I was crying.

  • Because, you know, we used to watch the Knicks going up, and he'd always tell me that I was gonna be a neck.

  • And, you know, I said that he can't be here to see it, but I'm just very happy, man.

  • Brian Wynne horse joins us now been covering the Knicks angle here, and they're working out guards Bryant until the 11th hour.

  • But when did they know the R.

  • J.

  • Barrow was the guy they take third.

  • Let's see, what day was the lottery someday in May?

  • Um, they've known for weeks, and, you know, they did their due diligence.

  • They were a little bit worried, Scott, that somebody would make a deal with Memphis and jump up ahead to get Barrett.

  • So they worked out some guards when they came here.

  • Darius Garland and Kobe White.

  • When they came here in New York for the draft, they were here.

  • It was about home court advantage.

  • Bring him up here to their facility and take a look at him.

  • They are thrilled with this pick.

  • Um, and all this chaos that reigned throughout the top 10 the dozens of trades and everything that got moved around the phones were quiet hear all day.

  • They rejected all offers over the last couple of weeks for that number three pick.

  • They think R.

  • J.

  • Barrett is going to be a star player.

  • Maybe they're right.

  • Maybe they're wrong, but for right now, the New York Knicks are happy team.

  • Well, when free agency comes around, Brian, for months we've thought what could happen.

  • And there were all these grand plans and k d and maybe Kyrie a maybe Camba.

  • And now it looks like maybe none.

  • What's the Nick plan when we get to July 1?

  • Yeah.

  • Now you had to go up and bring him down.

  • He couldn't let the Knicks fans have one.

  • My job to ask decent questions, isn't it?

  • You know, um, look, this is what the Knicks are saying.

  • They're saying we always plan to build through the draft.

  • We didn't just want to do through free agency, but that's coated Scott.

  • Obviously, they had grand plans for this summer.

  • They cleared the cap space.

  • Jim Dolan went on Michael Kay Show and said they were hope to get free agents.

  • Right now, it looks a little shaky.

  • And to be honest with you, the Brooklyn Nets keep proceeding like they think they're getting not only Kyrie Irving, but a second MAX player.

  • They had made a little move earlier this week when they didn't give an offer sheet to Rondae Hollis Jefferson.

  • Tonight, they traded out of a first round pick that got him a little extra cap space there, right on the verge of getting that to Max slots.

  • And they're moving in that direction because they think they've got a chance of getting the double header Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant.

  • But the Knicks aren't giving up.

  • They think that they're going to get a meeting with Kawai.

  • Leonard.

  • They think they've got they're gonna make a pitch to Kevin Durant and they want to make a pitch to Kyrie Irving.

  • They're not giving up.

  • They still think that their position is OK.

  • But obviously the hopes that were shining bright a few months ago have dimmed a little bit on the free agent front.

  • Wow.

  • If the Nets make the playoffs and then get K D and Kyrie in the off season that the Knick fans that had all of these, you know what?

  • I'm gonna stop.

  • This is a night for them to be happy because they got R.

  • J.

  • Barrett.

  • I'll leave it at that.

  • Brian, thank you so much.

  • Focus on R.

  • J.

  • Barrett.

  • Thank you.

  • Great to talk.

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How much were you thinking about your grandfather when the pick was finally and you knew you were gonna play your career?


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