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  • heres metal, too.

  • With practice.

  • It is amazing how many times since Kobe passing hurt mob mentality.

  • Mamba mentality.

  • Tough shot right there for building 59%.

  • So far, so smooth.

  • 13 points.

  • Washington Absolutely, but say their biggest lead.

  • 23 points to make it 26 11 3 Partner made 11 of 18 Milton hits this one.

  • Two things, I point out.

  • Put a championship on that company.

  • They not be considered one of the greatest greatest of all time that stays in place as Middleton.

  • It's his 55 attempts.

  • Five threes for Chris Middleton, 14 of 21 regular season regulation.

  • That's a lot of December.

  • And in 1983 Washington answers with a triple battle.

  • Bradley Beal.

  • That time, Washington played pretty good defense.

  • Bradley Bill Hammers on Brook Lopez and A T look.

  • That's a big time, I think.

  • Part of coaching job he's proving well aware of it is to stay on the referees.

  • Middle three.

  • Matthews gets back down, doesn't hear the whistle reset.

  • Three Grandly billed time out.

  • Milwaukee, taken by Coach Budenholzer 94 77 four points away from what would be a career high 44 feel.

  • Three.

  • Yes, yes, back and forth.

  • Real 43 friendly Bill George Hill defended I feel the corner and gets free one shy of his season.

  • Chris Middleton.

  • He had six 50.

  • I thought I knew Chris Militants.

  • I didn't even know this man.

  • 1 51 1 31 Milwaukee Chris Middleton A career high 51 points.

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heres metal, too.


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克利斯-米德爾頓、布拉德利-比爾在奇才與籃網的槍戰中對決|2019-20賽季NBA精彩瞬間。 (Khris Middleton, Bradley Beal duel in Wizards vs. Bucks shootout | 2019-20 NBA Highlights)

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