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  • from Little Caesars Arena in the heart of the Motor City.

  • Detroit, Michigan opening night for the Hawks because they take on their longtime Eastern Conference rivals.

  • Detroit Pistons.

  • Greater Rookie season.

  • Wasn't for trade, just the third in history to post 19 and eight.

  • Joining Damon Stoudamire and Oscar Robertson, 39 cross over trade with Dr Trade with the West Bucket Trade.

  • Did a beautiful job setting up that drive off the dribble.

  • Nice little crossover free himself up from Brown.

  • He moves without the basketball best rebound in the game today.

  • 18 13.

  • Pray for three.

  • He's a guy can found more if you continue to make those free throws, Expanding the two games he's made 10 consecutive Pray Banks it in.

  • It has got a 10 point first quarter of the book so far.

  • Way through traffic.

  • Dr.

  • Parker, where they can't stop the Hawks off long, straight Young can create a crowd.

  • He's gonna have open player push.

  • Demery.

  • Find trays of safety.

  • Valve.

  • Knocks it down from three trade.

  • Young has caught fire.

  • The last eight Atlanta points at 16 of the last 20 get with their go to guy who can make plays at the rim.

  • Trey Young is just wearing out the Pistons right now.

  • He's got 13.

  • Pray over the top to Fernando floor trade from Has 16 1st wearing The Pistons rebounded by 100.

  • This lineup began the game for the Hawks trade.

  • Just explode is wearing out trade.

  • Just love Booze around.

  • Resurrected his career, so classes deep.

  • Three from the wing.

  • Welcome back.

  • Brown Detroit on opening night.

  • Here's Camp three.

  • Porter says.

  • A couple of pork chops, baby, is he put out a show can do nothing with him.

  • Tonight is his night tonight to go third quarter trey deep.

  • You can't go on on him, especially when he's playing like he's playing tonight.

  • Numbers and ahead.

  • The referee for the easy two hander.

  • Time out to Troy.

  • How about this of running pretty much run out of time.

  • 107 98.

  • Atlanta Move gets in.

  • Scores it a foul.

  • 33 points for a young young on the drive.

  • No one came to help that time, too.

  • And that will do it.

  • Gonna hang on.

  • Do it a sensational performance.

  • Lloyd Pierce and the Hawks celebrate this 11 17 to 100 Trey Young.

  • The big story, with 38 points, seven rebounds and not assists.

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from Little Caesars Arena in the heart of the Motor City.


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特雷-楊的38分讓老鷹在本賽季揭幕戰中戰勝活塞隊|2019-20賽季NBA精彩瞬間。 (Trae Young's 38 lifts Hawks past Pistons in season opener | 2019-20 NBA Highlights)

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