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  • Nuggets, third in the West half game, back of the Clippers just three games back of the Lakers.

  • Now, as Murray Jamal Murray coming off a big game, he had 30 free throw story might be big toe sons off to good start, as Murray lays it in, by the way, Phoenix the best free throw shooting team in the league.

  • And he scored 39.

  • Yokich consuming the free throw line.

  • They want a high low and no one's moving.

  • Murray's gonna shoot a long free and he drains in.

  • That's what, thank goodness goes, because you had a high low with shots.

  • You want to force a contestant.

  • Terry made a couple of already, but Murray's loose for three.

  • Danny hits Jamal Murray since coming back from missing 10 game point.

  • They made four, their 1st 5 deflected by Yokich, Murray Morris with Mantei.

  • Morris Murray's away, and he lays it in the sun's defense.

  • A little bit confused that time.

  • A lot of movement lane here.

  • Third, Murray's got a 16 footer.

  • Nails it, Jamal Murray, with 19 Rubio deflected, taken away.

  • Nuggets have numbers.

  • Murray around the corner.

  • Murray Indeed, Murray Lannin.

  • There's a candidate for our Cooney Lexus drive of the game.

  • Jamal Murray on his horse, 21 points.

  • But know that that was Kobe's Duncan to be able to execute it in a game like that.

  • Just so impressive.

  • And all the credit to him for honor and Kobe in that way he did that on purpose is Murray knocks in.

  • The jumper from long range.

  • Gets to one in February.

  • So far.

  • Game or three straight.

  • 10 win months.

  • Murray.

  • How hot is it?

  • A very spicy hot on the Nuggets go up by six, but he must have been working because his hair is really advanced.

  • Rumors of him being traded.

  • Murray he check.

  • Check.

  • Bialo.

  • Can't believe it.

  • Ah, four point opportunity for the Blue Arrow.

  • Murray.

  • Little excited Joker got above the bitch.

  • Walked all the way down 1/2 court to wrap him up.

  • Rubio get by.

  • Murray trying to drive.

  • Mary blocked a shot.

  • Jamal Murray is three on two.

  • Murray all the way.

  • Murray put it up.

  • Jamal Murray having a game, folks.

  • 32 for Murray.

  • He's made 12 of 14 shots, six of seven threes, five rebounds, four assists.

  • Two of the three games this season between the Denver Nuggets in the Phoenix says have gone right down to the last shot.

  • Murray said the lane and he splits and scores 34 for Jamal Murray.

  • Now Nuggets back two man game and off Murray.

  • Jochen puts it away.

  • The 11th dunk of the season for Nicola Yokich and Murray.

  • The beautiful assist.

  • How that got How that got through the paint.

  • I have no idea.

  • Oh, Pat.

  • Prayer just just wound up being fair.

  • That block for Joker Booker No often running his Murray and he close it town.

  • Jamal Murray, A man possessed tonight.

  • 36 for Murray.

  • They had Jamal Murray really playing Murray 36 points tonight.

  • Wow!

  • And some Nuggets fans excited about that.

  • Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube.

Nuggets, third in the West half game, back of the Clippers just three games back of the Lakers.


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賈馬爾-穆雷在掘金隊VS太陽隊的比賽中17次出手丟掉36分|2019-20賽季NBA集錦。 (Jamal Murray drops 36 points on 17 shots in Nuggets vs. Suns | 2019-20 NBA Highlights)

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