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  • Brussels has seemed resigned to the possibility is greatest value to the Warriors was a trade as setting that he might not play in San Francisco for long.

  • On Monday, the war is, general manager Bob Myers said.

  • Quote.

  • We didn't sign him with the intention to just trading him.

  • Pablo, You buying that.

  • I am buying that.

  • The word just in that sentence is doing a lot of legally defensible work because, sure, they want to actually play him this season.

  • They do.

  • They need the Angelo Russell it was Clay Thompson is not somebody who is ambulatory at the current moment, but he could walk around.

  • He can't walk that so, so bomani.

  • Yes, technically, it's true.

  • But the Angel Russell man, you put it.

  • He knows he's an asset first and foremost because Clay Thompson will come back and you will be able to walk again.

  • I mean, I don't think trading him is playing a, but it's definitely playing.

  • So when he says, Yeah, we did not trade and get him just to trade him, I do think that's correct.

  • I think they hope the best case scenario is that D'Angelo Russell is an All Star and I think I understand why people believe that.

  • Maybe, just maybe, he could be that he's also a dude who spent a lot of time in an offense running, pick and roll who now goes to the team that runs the least pick and rolls in the MBA, right?

  • It does not seem to be a great fit.

  • It seems to be the logical conclusion of this that they will ultimately trade him.

  • I'm not quite on the Clay Thompson going to be back and everything's okay.

  • Program, like Clay Thompson will come back and play.

  • Thompson, though, is older than he was before.

  • He is coming off from some sort of A C L injury, and even with Clay Thompson there, they probably need somebody else like D.

  • Angelo.

  • Russell is like, to me, that's not the line about This is just a matter whether that dude's a fit for what the Warriors actually want to do.

  • I do feel like when D'Angelo Russell is playing with Draymond Green, they will do more pick and roll stuff.

  • I would imagine that it's kind of the only thing they really have faith in his ability to do, because even as a three point shooter, not the most accurate guy, but couldn't get his own shot in that way.

  • Become February vote.

  • When Clay Thompson is back in the A, C.

  • L is better to recover from then the Achilles.

  • Thankfully, for the Warriors, I do think they're gonna have a logjam at that position.

  • And at that point, what is the Angelo Russell become a guy who can get you something else?

  • That is that a logjam, though Curry, Russell Thompson Green and whoever you want to put at five like played can play all three is the issue at the same time.

  • Too much overlapping skills, not people who too many guys who can shoot.

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Brussels has seemed resigned to the possibility is greatest value to the Warriors was a trade as setting that he might not play in San Francisco for long.


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