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  • and Frank I Solo brought this up on around the horn yesterday that basically, he believes that it's going to happen when play resumes in the n b A.

  • Whether it's the tail end of the regular season or if they just jump straight to the NBA's postseason, that Kevin Durant in some way, shape or form will play for the Brooklyn Nets.

  • And that obviously has got a lot of speculation because we're just about a year out now.

  • Maybe a little a little less than a lesson here heard in June, a little less than a year when Kevin Durant tour that Achilles in the finals against the Toronto Raptors.

  • And as the schedule would have it right now that Siri's would be between the Raptors if they if the playoffs, will go on the basic seating right now in the East, the first Siri's would be the Raptors against the Nets, who are 30 and 34.

  • What a game and 1/2 out of eighth spot in the ex ex.

  • 1/2 game, 1/2 game between them and Orlando so it would depend on if there was any more Regular season games is basically between those two teams for seven and eight.

  • So they play their Toronto or Milwaukee and next they were.

  • And that's Jim.

  • Sean Marks left the door open slightly for Kevin Durant was speaking to News hub in his native New Zealand about the idea of Kevin Durant returning, basically saying, That's $100 million question.

  • $10 million question.

  • In all seriousness, we've tried not to talk about his timeline a lot, but a lot of people are talking about the potential off Kevin Durant coming back, including his manager, Rich Climate, who was on the Michael Kay Show earlier, basically saying the possibility of Kevin Durant member.

  • He had talked about coming back to the Olympics, which would be in July, which would have been in July.

  • And we might be playing some sort of basketball potentially here in this country in July.

  • And he was on the Michael Kay Show on 98 7 ESPN New York, and asked about the idea.

  • Are Durant maybe being back for the NBA's postseason?

  • Could he play when this stop, like when all of this stop?

  • That kind of conversation didn't continue because there was just no reason to have that conversation.

  • It just wasn't even on a list of priorities.

  • And for Kevin and I, it doesn't feel like it makes any sense toe have that conversation because it all seems so unrealistic.

  • I figured that if it wasn't unrealistic that the conversation will be brought up.

  • So you know, my assumption is no.

  • And I've kept saying that because I haven't really had a conversation that I mean, I don't think anything changed.

  • Okay, so he's not having the conversation.

  • But a lot of other people are having a conversation, including Jay Williams, who does a great job for us.

  • He was on the jump, and while Frank I Solis said he thinks it will happen Count J.

  • On the counter camp.

  • Well, I mean, every time I talk to caveat, saying he's been in the gym and that he feels really good and I think that's incredible.

  • I also think you have to factor in this pandemic and rehab time and how all that plays into it.

  • And so much of this Rachel is a moving target to be realistic, say if hypothetically, we don't have games in the regular season and you go right back into the playoffs.

  • The amount of games that you at the play in such a short time frame, almost you could say, could be used against Kevin to get hurt if he's not managed to proper way.

  • That's way different than you starting out next regular season and kind of easing back into the flow on the rhythm.

  • What you're playing time will be in the time you spend doing rehab.

  • So Kevin is his own man.

  • I just don't know if I see it being as realistic him coming back and playing in the playoffs.

  • If we do out playoffs, especially if Kyrie is not playing as well.

  • Well, I think that's the big thing there and all.

  • Honestly, remember, Kyrie had shoulder surgery the beginning of March, and it was supposed to be a six month situation to your doctor in September.

  • Now we don't know when basketball is coming back.

  • Would it be after September to run the playoff to where Kyrie could come back?

  • The thing work for K D if he was expecting to play in the Olympics in July, but remember that would have been off normal rehab procedures because this is normally a year injury, and we're not even at a year yet.

  • And his normal rehab routine has been interrupted.

  • At some point in March, that was interrupted as faras, where he was rehabbing how he was rehabbing because facilities have been closed.

  • He's not going to any anywhere to to run and or train on gyms because their clothes so that part of it has been thrown off a little bit.

  • So I think there are a few wrenches, you know, they get thrown into this before we could see it happen.

  • It makes it unrealistic.

  • Ultimately, I guess just the gamble for me and it be interesting Kevin Durant, because we know the way he thinks about all this stuff is a little different.

  • Kevin Durant is someone who wants to make sure.

  • I think this time around he's getting the credit for what goes on here, right?

  • He was the driving force part of what happened here.

  • It wasn't Oh, we'll go after Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant.

  • It was.

  • We'll get Kevin Durant if he's okay with Kyrie Irving being a part of this, then we'll get him to and so I just don't know if there's enough of that on the table right now in what's going to be, however, it shapes out a very strange postseason format for the MBA.

  • So then that's the other part of it, right?

  • Is it?

  • Would he be with Kyrie?

  • Or do you think in this shortened thing, you have the opportunity?

  • If Kevin Durant comes back to maybe win something, you had no business winning.

  • But it's not without Kyrie.

  • I wouldn't do without Kyrie, right?

  • I guess what I'm trying to figure out.

  • Is it possible to separate those two things because you brought it up earlier?

  • Mike in the 98 nb a season when there was a shortened season with Knicks who were an eight seed right going into the playoffs, actually made it to the N B A Finals.

  • They lost to the Spurs, the first if they made it, there's an 80 but they got there.

  • And if you believe, whether it's with or without Kyrie, that if you had Kevin Durant did that because they played most of this season without without kind of played and played 20 games and they're so without Kyrie 20 games without Kevin there, the seven seed, there's no way I would think about because you're talking about stealing one here, right?

  • That's coming out, that I don't think they're doing it without both of them.

  • I really don't.

  • And I think it would be too much of a question mark to try and roll the dice when you're just You haven't even started with these two yet.

  • This isn't a slight because I think the rest of their roster was was better in a lot of ways.

  • The Raptors last year, an interesting case study in this and how far one player could take a team because the Raptors have been a perennial team that was a top two seed in the Eastern Conference certainly had some moves in their DEMAR DeRozan.

  • Going to San Antonio is a part of all this, but bringing in CO I Leonard was the difference of them getting over the hump Now for Brooklyn, a team that has been in the last couple years and made the playoffs last year has been on a trajectory that made them appealing to these guys.

  • Would Kevin Durant alone be enough?

  • But this is the part that gets interesting to me is is he enough in the given environment, like how much?

  • Because he hasn't played at all this season.

  • If Kevin Durant Dad was healthy, healthy enough to be cleared and you're saying he could come back and we hear you know, this multi week process for these guys to ramp back up and be ready to play basketball is what he could get into any sort of rhythm there with his teammates worth enough against what other teams have had for the course of the whole season.

  • Like at this point with how much time there's been off, how much cohesive credit are we giving the other teams in the league who are playing an entire year almost leading up to me?

  • No, to me, it wouldn't be worth it.

  • Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

and Frank I Solo brought this up on around the horn yesterday that basically, he believes that it's going to happen when play resumes in the n b A.


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