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  • look short, Look short and, uh, you know, there's There's a lot of emotion that happens is the ball starts rolling around the room.

  • Really proud of our group.

  • Give them a lot of credit.

  • That was That was a hell of a game seven.

  • Do you think happened?

  • Five minutes for yes.

  • Getting mentioned.

  • We were just about them getting Chester.

  • Um, you don't have to look at it, but you know that there was obviously some blitzes putting two to the ball specifically with me and Jimmy Pretty much any time I came up a gho or Jimmy came up pick and roll.

  • You know, sometimes they just rotated.

  • Really?

  • Well, you know, there was a couple times where we got good shots, you know, the non non shot clock in a non turnover place, and they didn't go down.

  • We fight so hard during drink seriously, when it comes down to about it And how much tougher, Uh, very loaded question.

  • I don't know the answer.

  • That sorry.

  • You see, Joel and tears is going One answer.

  • That one.

  • I'm sorry.

  • What is this ring for you in terms of heartbreaking losses?

  • I mean, uh, no to that question there.

  • You know, there comes a point in time where, you know, there.

  • They're all heartbreaking at this time of year.

  • You know, I think I have said this before in different points in my career.

  • But you, uh, you're grateful, you know, for this experience and the people.

  • So, yeah, if he was comfortable sharing, you know, that's okay.

  • Um, obviously, you see the emotion it's under.

  • See what other guys to What is it about?

  • You know, this group where you guys that it is?

  • Um well, you know, we play a team sport and, uh, beauty above team sports is having connections with other people, and it's what makes our game beautiful.

  • It's why I enjoy pointing basketball.

  • And it's not just teammates and coaches and support staff trainers.

  • People in the video room.

  • I work 18 hour days every day during the season.

  • I mean, you go down the list, so you you're experiencing it not just with 14 other guys in the court, but with, you know, 50 75 other people along the way that you build relationships with.

  • You know, I think sometimes Did you can I come back to the locker room and you start processing What just happened?

  • That's the first thought that comes into your mind.

  • Is is, um, you know, not not seeing those people every day.

  • There are an extension of of your family.

  • Essentially, um, so that's that could be emotional.

look short, Look short and, uh, you know, there's There's a lot of emotion that happens is the ball starts rolling around the room.


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'看起來很短'--JJ-雷迪克談卡哇伊-萊昂納德的比賽勝利|2019年NBA季後賽。 ('It looked short' - JJ Redick on Kawhi Leonard's game winner | 2019 NBA Playoffs)

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