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  • what you think about LeBron James on the recruitment role.

  • This is nothing new.

  • Players have been recruiting one another system beginning of time to come play with them.

  • Jimmy Butler has upset from the beginning.

  • I always felt like this will be his only season with the Sixers.

  • I feel like he's gonna end up in a market New York or Los Angeles.

  • Either team, either.

  • Market for Kawai.

  • Leonard, I feel like this.

  • Your LeBron James.

  • You recruiting me to come play with you while I am still in the playoffs, and I am trying to get my team to the NBA Finals.

  • So you're distracted me so he ain't going to play with okay for the other dominoes.

  • Kyrie que de.

  • It's crazy that we just anticipate Katie's gonna leave em every two.

  • He's in a good situation, playing, going nowhere, Kim, but shouldn't be going nowhere.

  • I think all of those dominoes have yet to be determined because any of those guys that move, especially Katie and Kyrie, I feel like they're going to make sure that somebody else is coming with.

  • And so you can't necessarily determine that yet until the season plays out and four k d.

  • This is almost becoming his worst nightmare.

  • He already was accused of jumping on the bandwagon.

  • Also never go Worst nightmare again.

  • He already clap back and first officer in that in a different way because he already was accused of jumping on the bandwagon.

  • He shut everybody up by leading them to two championships are going to find a levee.

  • P.

  • It was not a question.

  • Who's gonna be the sounds of this year?

  • The Warriors?

  • I said this, but came Cady's team.

  • They were, and they are Draymond green May all of the sacrifices.

  • He wouldn't all MBA.

  • He didn't make All Star.

  • The only averaged eight points this year.

  • He took a step back.

  • Steph Curry took a step back.

  • So now we're back.

  • Talking about Katie is the best player in the game.

  • Dinny gets hurt, and when he gets hurt, you could tell he hears the chatter about whether the worries the better without him or whether the offense works better without him.

  • You know why we can look at Instagram until so now if we proceed in the Golden State Warriors win the championship without him, it's going to further that narrative.

  • They lose the championship without him, it's going to give him a chance.

  • That I told you they didn't win it before I got here is why I came.

  • They didn't win it without me while I'm here.

  • So to me it's harder to determine what his next move is gonna be because those dynamics have not played out yet.

  • I think it's interesting that LeBron James is already actively talking to people like, Oh, I let you know what I mean And it is getting out there, too, because it's one thing if he does it on the slide.

  • But now it's getting out there, cause then it puts him in a position to maybe fail.

  • If recruiting players and you know he manages his persona, he manages them.

  • He controls the narrative so well that it's interesting that if he puts itself on wax saying went after this guy, this guy, this guy, this guy, none of them come, that's and I gotta ask you a question.

  • So it's not doing the gloom for the Lakers.

  • No, they're gonna be better than people anticipate.

  • Frank Vogel is a really good coach.

  • Jason Kidd is gonna be a terrific associate head coach.

  • We know about their young assets.

  • They may even get Anthony Davis.

  • But my question to you is my childhood idol.

  • Magic Johnson did a lot of talking about the Los Angeles like, Do you think that helped or hurt hurt the recruitment of free agents, decided the recruitment of freedoms, but not to the point that I think people are taking it.

  • That definitely did not help.

  • It was one thing when you were like, You know what?

  • We've got LeBron on the court.

  • We've got magic in the front office, and if you have those two people sitting across the table from you at dinner, that could be a very convincing pitch.

  • But now, when you've got Rob Pelinka and LeBron James City crossing your dinner less convincing, So I do think it hurt them what he did.

  • Do you think he was trying to sabotage their situation and or the free agency talking about his love for them?

  • Yet he went on to talk about everything that's wrong with them.

  • I don't think he was sabotaging the situation.

  • I think that he wanted to clear his own name because I think it did publicly look kind of bad the way he went out, and they have LeBron on HBO talking about he never called me.

  • So I think that there was some question marks about how he moved so that he said, This is why I moved the way I did.

  • And LeBron learned a valuable lesson that I learned 40 years ago.

  • You're an iconic player, LeBron your larger than life.

  • But you know who?

  • You ain't larger there.

  • Magic Exactly.

  • And I'll have any apology you take.

  • It wasn't two minutes in when he start mentioned all the money that he makes from other stuff.

  • It wasn't two minutes in.

what you think about LeBron James on the recruitment role.


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