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  • I want to pick up with what's happening right now, though, the situations were dealing with due to the Corona virus.

  • If things do pick up this summer from a player's perspective, what kind of challenge will oppose for the players to compete for a title this summer?

  • Well, I think it really only a small challenge, and that's really getting back in shape and getting your timing.

  • And I think that, you know, to take probably two weeks or so.

  • But I believe the players are running today.

  • They've got to be working out, whether that at home or or running on a track or running in the streets running on the beach.

  • I ever they, you know, there there are are training right now because they know there's a possibility that they will be back to work soon.

  • And so, uh, you know, guys like LeBron and, uh, Greek recall those guys.

  • They know they have to stay in shape, but I think that once hopefully this virus is over and weeks we have contained it.

  • Then, uh, when the season does get back rolling into taking part about two weeks to really get their timing because I believe all of them will be in shape.

  • Uh, going into the season, get to get back, resumed and playing again.

  • And I think that's all they got to get.

  • Is their timing back?

  • Magic?

  • Are you a proponent off the necessity for a few regular season games to take place before the playoffs begin?

  • Or your proponent off?

  • Hey, if we got to come back and immediately the playoffs begin, so be it.

  • Just make sure there's a postseason.

  • What is your mind set in regards to that, and what's an ideal starting point in your eyes?

  • And do you have a problem with the league going into the summer like into August of necessary?

  • Yeah, I think that we do need definitely some games, no question about it now.

  • You could do it one of two ways, right?

  • You can say okay if you're not.

  • If it takes us too long to get back, then just have the teams maybe have some scrimmages between, uh, each other, right?

  • Get them so that they can get some sense of playing again.

  • And so do some exhibitions from scrimmages, something like that, so they could get back to understand how to play with each other, get back into game shape and also their timing in their rhythm and then go ahead into the playoffs or plays regular season games.

  • And that way they get all those things.

  • So I do want some, some a couple of games before they're actually start the playoff because it would be good not only for the guys, but would be good for us at the basketball fans because we want to see them at the best.

  • And I think that it's gonna take at least a week to get to see them at their best.

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I want to pick up with what's happening right now, though, the situations were dealing with due to the Corona virus.


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