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  • DeAngelo, you've been here for a while now.

  • You've worked out with a lot of guys over the last few weeks.

  • What do you think the biggest key will be in your transition into the warriors system?

  • I think, you know, just enjoying the process.

  • You know, something that's gonna take a little time.

  • You know, I don't think it's gonna whatever process is not gonna click right away.

  • We're gonna have some chemistry to find, and it's going to get out there and get our feet wet a little bit, too.

  • When your plan with Steph, do you feel like you guys air in a video game?

  • But what?

  • This crazy man?

  • I got to play with it.

  • For the first time of the day, I called my dad and I was like, Man, I'm really like this is going crazy.

  • So every time, every time I feel like how many your friends and family after the deal goes down, you come with Golden State, are asking all the time.

  • What's it like playing with Steph Curry?

  • Everybody.

  • I think everybody's just excited, you know, he's definitely somebody that I've model my game after just a little bit.

  • You know in some sorts.

  • So just to get the opportunity to be hands on and see this guy close up every day, how he works and how it goes about its business, it's a luxury ravenously.

  • When you guys are preparing for this season, This is a team.

  • Of course.

  • You come into the run of five straight finals.

  • They've won at the highest level.

  • Are you guys embracing the underdog mantra heading into this year?

  • Of course.

  • Of course.

  • Like I say, you know, people can't count the team out, say we're not going to be there.

  • Seven.

  • I'm gonna be That, I think, is something that we got to enjoy that process and just keep figuring it out.

  • You know, as the season goes, just keep trying to gain that advantage when we can.

  • You understand the business.

  • Basketball on the chatter surrounding your move when you got here was, well, we don't know if he's gonna be here long term.

  • How do you block out all that noise heading into the new year with a new group?

  • It's fun at in today.

  • All this is fun.

  • You know, whatever people's talking about, whatever people have an opinion on.

  • It's fun at today's basketball, so just getting opportunity, go out there and showcase it every day, day in and day out.

  • I'm enjoying the whole thing.

  • Clay is obviously out with his A c l until we see All star break.

  • When he comes back and it's you and Clay and Steph, how dangerous do you think you guys can be on the perimeter?

  • I think it's gonna be fun once again.

  • Got guys that are capable of doing a lot of things with that basketball.

  • Put him on the floor at the same time.

  • I think just gives us an advantage you got.

  • You got some Hall of Fame players out there, too.

  • So I think the sky's the limit for this group.

  • Do you think the expectation for this group this season should still be going to the finals again?

  • I think it is what it is.

  • Like I said, We whatever.

  • If it starts off slow, if it starts off at whatever, it's just the process that we're going to have to enjoy.

  • Instead of putting ah expectation on a sap like that, I think we just can come in and come to work every day and live with the results when we were on that platform to showcase D.

  • Angelo.

  • Thanks for your time and good luck this season presented.

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DeAngelo, you've been here for a while now.


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