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  • to the N B A and a fellow by the name of LeBron James and the Lakers hosting the Sons last night.

  • We're gonna pick up the action in the second quarter because LeBron is throwing just dimes.

  • Maybe he Sean Farnham, should be the quarterback for the Chargers here.

  • Is he available via free agency for the NFL?

  • If he is, I would sign him because he has been delivering on spot on target on time all season long, six assists in the first half and then throwing nice passes any green.

  • Any defense by the Sun's defense.

  • Optional.

  • Evidently, Lakers had a nine point halftime lead.

  • We go to the third quarter, and here's more LeBron Flick pass.

  • It's just it's really getting to a point where it's just kind of silly getting amazement with his ability to pass, not just his ability to school a bad moment here.

  • I pay no attention to where the basketball goes.

  • Just watch LeBron on this plate here as you see the elbow.

  • That sort of awkward hits there.

  • He's holding it.

  • He's hurt.

  • He's sort of shaking it out.

  • Here's the good news.

  • He stayed in the game.

  • Obviously, it wasn't that bad, and clearly it didn't interfere with his touch because very immediately afterwards, he throws that.

  • That's a touch pass and just the Lakers success.

  • This season has been largely predicated upon LeBron James, his ability to facilitate his offense and make those around and knocked down threes when they need him to.

  • He puts that one in there something.

  • He had 17 points, nine assists, eight rebounds on the night, Lakers pulling away easily.

  • And then it was the night that we belonged to a fella by the name of one John Rhonda.

  • Who?

  • Rondo.

  • What say you?

  • I say He had 23 points a season high for him, and it was the Lakers and Easy win 1 25 100 LeBron in.

  • The Lakers, the top seed in the West right now second best record in the sport, have been playing in the shadow of the honest to some degree all year.

  • The two of both accounted for over 20% of their team's total point to this year.

  • Most agree that you are the leading candidates for the M V P Award.

  • I don't know that LeBron ever plays in anybody shadow, but Johannes obviously has been spectacular.

  • If you had a vote for M V P right now, would you give it to its LeBron James on?

  • And I tell you there's There's multiple reasons why it stands out to me that LeBron is overly honest and I get the fact that the Bucks are having this great season and Yonas has been so strong.

  • But some of this has to do with reinventing yourself and understanding how you can control the game.

  • He's always been an elite level pastor, but let's put this into some context.

  • He's 35 years of age.

  • He's never let the MBA and assist the last time a 35 year old led the league in assist.

  • You want to know the name Steve Nash.

  • Slightly different physical stature between the two has done a tremendous job, really, or constrain his offense, getting everybody involved.

  • The competition strength also has to be pointed out.

  • The Western Conference is superior to the Eastern Conference.

  • In fact, you look at the head to head matchups.

  • The Western Conference is plus 28 games over the East, so you honestly putting up a lot of big numbers, but he's putting it up against inferior competition.

  • Compared with speaking to that in which LeBron James is having a go against a night in night out basis, who's he be in, guarded by guys like Coli Leonard on a consistent basis?

  • I think you've got to put some value in stock in that and then greatest value.

  • Overall, the real plus minus is the best way to value your impact to the team's success.

  • LeBron James is number one in the MBA and is 35% better, 35% better in that analytical stat over Johannes, who is number two in the MBA.

  • So when you look at the overall value of what you mean to your team, what you mean to your organization, That's why you put the onus on LeBron James.

  • That's what he's my MVP.

  • Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube.

to the N B A and a fellow by the name of LeBron James and the Lakers hosting the Sons last night.


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