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  • the university it feels, has never really embraced what you guys were and what you remain as one of the most famous college basketball teams of all time.

  • Let's give you the floor.

  • Go on a.

  • J.

  • All right, let me cook.

  • So let me get this right First and foremost, congratulations to John Beeline.

  • I think you did a terrific job.

  • Helped put in Michigan basketball back on the map.

  • We more about the N.

  • C.

  • A title appearances.

  • We know about the Final Fours, the Big 10 he wanted a few times.

  • I have nothing but admiration for what he did for my alma mater.

  • However, we didn't know that he was leaving.

  • We did not realize he was going to get a five year contract, So not that there's a vacant job in Ann Arbor.

  • Let's do a blank canvas off, actually, who should be the number one candidate, And to me, that should be a no brainer.

  • There's a guy named Juwan Howard that's from Chicago, which means he's gonna be able to help recruit that market that not only was an All American in high school, came to the University of Michigan was a member of the Fab Five, and he was the first person to sign their letter of intent.

  • In theory, he also helped recruit each one of us, and for those that don't know, he was always the adult in the room amongst us.

  • You've never seen Juwan Howard without a haircut.

  • You never seen it without a crease in his pants.

  • You never see them UN discipline, and he was a technician out on the floor.

  • He goes to the NBA, ultimately gets a Max contract, plays a really long time, becomes an All Star and later in his career, becomes a champion.

  • Some of the people that he was around littering his career, unlike LeBron James Dwayne way.

  • How about him being a coach that's gaining experience as an assistant?

  • He's earning his chops.

  • Thunder a championship coach light Erik Spoelstra, an organization like the Miami Heat and the tutelage and validity of Pat Riley.

  • He's currently being interview for N B A Jobs.

  • Cleveland, Los Angeles, Minnesota, New York have all interviewed him for head coaching jobs.

  • So this is just a legit being of somebody that happens to be in the pipeline in Michigan.

  • Has, ah, head coaching vacancies.

  • He would be the perfect person to help embody what it took to be culturally relevant because he helped.

  • But he helped poise the culture.

  • And so, for a guy like Jamaan, who now all of a sudden finds himself, should I take a pro job?

  • Should I take a college job?

  • I saw how the University of Michigan went after Jim Harbaugh when they really wanted him.

  • They went and got.

  • I think that should be the exact same thing with you want.

  • You gotta go get him.

  • And nothing.

  • We can't say nothing Negative about what John Beeline brought to the table.

  • He's produced multiple pros.

  • He's produced a player of the year and Trey Burke.

  • But the one thing he did not do and it was a different style of recruiting his recruitment.

  • Donald's all the mirror you go.

  • It is entire tenure there.

  • We had a grand total up.

  • Zero.

  • Get recruited to the University of Michigan.

  • I think Juwan Howard is the guy that could bring that back.

  • He will be a terrific head coach.

  • It would be terrific and developing young talent.

  • He wouldn't take no mess, offer the players he will own the Michigan market and definitely I will be shoes, dress shoes, designer shoes on the floor for as many games as I could.

  • And I'm sure the other members of the Fab Five and Glen Rice, Sean Higgins I think he will be the guy that could bring the program back jail where everybody standing old campus represent.

  • I hear you.

  • But this is it to me.

  • It's a deeper conversation than that, because the legacy of the Fab Five is something that the University of Michigan for the longest time separated itself from.

  • And even now it feels to me from the outside and your your your Jalen Rose.

  • It feels to me from the outside as though they tolerate the legacy of the Fab Five, they don't embrace the legacy of the Fab Five.

  • That would obviously change if they made this move.

  • That's the part of this I want to hear you talk about.

  • I agree with you, grainy, and I just want to paint a picture for the fans.

  • The allegations that were levied upon the University of Michigan that had to do with Ed Martin for those that don't know it isn't illegal to know somebody that actually wants toe help influence you as a high school kid.

  • That's not an affiliate of the University of Michigan.

  • The reason why that became Ah violation and Chris Webber had a 10 year separation is because he lied to the grand jury.

  • Juwan Howard had nothing to do with that.

  • He's not implicated in any way, shape or form and the separation that C.

  • Webb hat with the university that is over.

  • So if he could be a captain at a football game and hopefully we all get a chance to be 100 stand lock arms and represent the University of Michigan and more importantly, represent each other as brothers, I think this will be, ah, huge diamond onto allowing that to happen and to your point greeny about tolerating the Fab Five.

  • You absolutely right.

  • But you know what?

  • No one ever did return any of that bread that they earned.

  • So to me, there's no harm.

  • There's no file if you do higher July Howard.

the university it feels, has never really embraced what you guys were and what you remain as one of the most famous college basketball teams of all time.


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杰倫-羅斯提名朱萬-霍華德為密歇根州的新任主教練|起來吧! (Jalen Rose nominates Juwan Howard to be Michigan’s new head coach | Get Up!)

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