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  • look, I think a bunch of guys don't belong on this list.

  • And yes, partly it's because of age.

  • James Harden's a 30 year old player whose defense has improved but has not played well in the playoffs.

  • When you need it most in pivotal moments, I'm not having James Harden in my top five.

  • Steph Curry, you could argue, even with his age, should be there because he sets the right tone for a franchise.

  • He's unselfish, his shooting abilities absurd.

  • His his handles, the whole thing.

  • So even though he's 30 years old, you may say my franchise over the next four years.

  • Give me Steph.

  • Trey Young's not on the list, but he gave Dodgers some burn.

  • Some run at the end there, I think Trey on Blue.

  • I think Dodgers should be way.

  • I think Zion Williamson is way too low.

  • If I'm starting a franchise, I'm betting that Zion Williamson will be a superstar.

  • Is Stephen a set box office and he's still a like Stephen.

  • A day, maybe two is a little bit high, but look away that he can play.

  • Luca can play.

  • I understand that, but what I think the only reason why him and Zion on that list is because of box office appeal.

  • I'm not saying they can't play.

  • Please don't get me wrong.

  • But day is Luca.

  • Is Rick you?

  • The year obviously he could play, but in the same breath compared to those other guys, I'm not put them on that level.

  • And in the cases I on, let's face reality.

  • We're looking at Diane and fantasizing about what he's going to be because of that.

  • He's got box off of a box of the office appeal that most of those guys do not say.

  • One more guy.

  • Understand that?

  • I'll say one more guy I mentioned earlier because of a gang culture.

  • Damian Lillard Damian Lillard is not only the next thing below.

  • An M V P candidate as a player on the court is in his physical prime.

  • With years to come, you would think loyalty tone setter, the way honest and tone setter in Milwaukee.

  • The fact that he wants to stay there, cultivate his own team, be competitive, sees the other team, is that I think he's Max is not wrong.

  • I'm just saying that when you put up a list like that, that's not what most people are thinking about.

  • That's all I'm saying.

  • If you go to basketball arenas and they start debating you about basketball, they're talking strictly about a cat's game.

  • We understand agent saying We understand age and attrition that factors in the You're not gonna want somebody.

  • We understand box office appeal.

  • We get all of that.

  • But what you're really, really talking about.

  • If you start debating the meats and bones about about about basketball talent, you're talking about skill set.

  • Who is what Who thinks?

  • What?

  • Stephen.

  • Back in the day after Jordan's second threepeat, someone said, You're starting a franchise.

  • You want Jordan or Shack?

  • No one thought Shack was as good as Jordan, but if anyone was starting a franchise day to take a shot kind of baby, but that's that.

  • But that's my point.

  • Which is why wouldn't be a debate because he's a baby and Jordan's about the Republican debate might be event.

  • But the debate might be the order, so you might say something like the freak is here, but I think maybe he hasn't reached his limit yet, so I'm gonna put him number one.

  • I think you get an even better, you might say Zion Winston, maybe box office.

  • But I'm not sure he'll ever be put him about you convoluted basketball arguments, and I respect it.

  • I'm just saying for me, I'm talking about your skill, what we did in that period.

  • Casey LeBron just got some bulletin board material for this upcoming season and Katie's comeback recovering from that injury.

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look, I think a bunch of guys don't belong on this list.


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