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  • It's not tacos.

  • Anybody should be.

  • Theo Evolution, Big man.

  • Everyone's trying to shoot threes, flowery with a mid roll traffic and score with drag step that he's really starting, become famous, pushes it to the top and fans his dribble away.

  • Three of their first draft pick from a nice pass.

  • Masato that time got the defense to shift.

  • Bacon guarded by back to the corner, walking Lowry rolling in and got it off the glass softly.

  • We've seen how we go inside more here than we did all of pre season.

  • Washington again.

  • Good again, Big for both.

  • Got to get back defensive by lowering, and then he goes back back to a lower Lowry collide.

  • He has been aggressive tonight.

  • You want to see Rose here?

  • Try to get there's grouping up a right hand runner.

  • Move right there.

  • Bill Winning would be proud if you go right at him.

  • Back out to the corner jumper.

  • Washington Showing didn't make a lot of three pointers in Kentucky.

  • Six for 16 really kind of dominate inside.

  • Away from it.

  • Yeah, three point shooting.

  • Which one out for the corner?

  • Upstairs corner.

  • Washington Lowry running in.

  • He's got to go when he decided to get to the basket or post up inside.

  • Lowering, blowing in off the glass.

  • Get it inside and Adele Mystic Rebound.

  • Big Boy basketball just took that away.

  • Saderat Ski Flowery terms scores RELIGION Lowry Up and going again.

  • That was back in another way was nine to shoot.

  • Switch it.

  • Marketing for three.

  • Market for three crowd gave 1 to 1.

  • Marketing.

  • He has not missed many, and he's been a big reason why the Bulls rookie record for three pointers his first Game six record.

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It's not tacos.


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公牛隊VS黃蜂隊亮點。勞裡-馬爾卡寧和PJ-華盛頓現身|2019-20賽季NBA集錦 (Bulls vs. Hornets highlights: Lauri Markkanen and PJ Washington show out | 2019-20 NBA Highlights)

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