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  • LeBron James and Anthony Davis, two of the top five players on the planet, absolutely on the same team in a span of three years together.

  • If you don't find a way to win a championship, if you're Anthony Davis because at the end of the day were still able to look at LeBron, they say he's got three races.

  • But Anthony Davis, who has never played in the conference finals, who has never played in an MBA Finals.

  • Who you got LeBron James as your teammate for the first time, You got an elite team, mate.

  • Not no disrespect anybody, but for the first time, if for three years you don't find a way to capture a championship with LeBron James is your teammate Anthony Davis.

  • That's a failure that you say that Anthony Davis is the best current player who has not won a title.

  • I think so, even though I mean this is a holdup.

  • Johannes is not even in the discussion to me as far as him against Anthony Davis, you know, and understand what you may know.

  • Anthony Davis measure up talent that way.

  • I understand that the Davis is a step above, but what they've accomplished.

  • John.

  • This is the M V P.

  • Who's made it.

  • So I don't care what he want.

  • My EVP, opic, James Harden that something was wrong.

  • I knew I was gonna be wrong.

  • I predicted that they were gonna pick Johannes, but I felt James Harden should have been a baby.

  • James haunted to me is more in the discussion.

  • The oddness.

  • He don't got a title either.

  • So I understand.

  • What does he have?

  • A title?

  • Why is it hard?

  • Have a title?

  • Why doesn't Yonas having title?

  • Do they get the same excuses that you're given toe everybody?

  • That's just because I think that James Harden when it gets in a superior team in the Golden State Warriors, you weren't gonna beat them, even when even when Chris Paul went down before Chris Paul went that I predicted to go to stable, to beat them.

  • And be honest, if John is don't win a championship.

  • No, I'm not holding against it because I don't think he has a superior tea.

  • I think brawn and a d okay, with a please wait a title in the next two years, we've got to wrap up this conversation.

  • Do you know that Anthony Davis has 99 30.10 rebound game since debuting in 12 4000 thirties.

  • If he was playing, if he were playing in a different market, if they were going deeper into the playoffs, we wouldn't even be having a debate about Anthony Davis.

  • He's that great.

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LeBron James and Anthony Davis, two of the top five players on the planet, absolutely on the same team in a span of three years together.


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吉安尼斯和安東尼-戴維斯:誰是現役NBA最好的無戒指球員?| 我的天啊!我的天啊!我的天啊!我的天啊!我的天啊 (Giannis or Anthony Davis: Who is the best active NBA player without a ring? | First Take)

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