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  • Jamie Lillard returned last night after missing six games because of that brain injury, scored 22 points.

  • The Blazers?

  • Oh yes, Clinton.

  • They breathed by your Wizards.

  • My Wizards now way were Wizard, Name said.

  • He felt good, didn't feel restricted.

  • Melo led Portland with 25 points because, you know he couldn't play in the league anymore.

  • Meanwhile, in Brooklyn, the Grizzlies blow out the Nets by 39.

  • We saw them dancing earlier, the scoring load shared between nearly every player who got on the floor.

  • So with the wind, Memphis keep kept its lead 3.5 games at a Portland and Sacramento for the final playoff spot out West.

  • And the Pelicans are all the way at the bottom of that because we had enough room on the screen.

  • But I got to tell you there now five games out with only 20 to play, people stopped out in the Grizzlies.

  • I was never doubting the Grizzlies.

  • For what it's worth, I thought the Grizzlies were the team in this spot, but I think that for a lot of people look, John is the truth.

  • But the job versus Zion thing isn't really a fair comparison we're talking about whether not the pels are gonna get back to the place there too many games back on.

  • And I think that the way that the Grizzlies have applied themselves again this team, there's so much fun.

  • You guys talk with them dancing on the sidelines and all this other stuff.

  • They are actual good basketball team, not a team that is still trying to get back to what they could be.

  • I think the dress is gonna take this and I don't think it's gonna be that close for probably two teams on the outside.

  • So they had a four game lead at the All Star break.

  • They came out of the All Star break it heads of injuries and lost five in a row.

  • That was reason to doubt them.

  • I lost five.

  • Guess what they've got.

  • I got a 3.5 game lead.

  • They lost no ground without losing streak and that was just because the teams behind them didn't take advantage.

  • But in the Blazers, you know they had injury to blow Willard.

  • But look where they are now.

  • They are.

  • They have a great they're in great possessed situation.

  • under the pelicans.

  • You play some of those teams above them, so they will have the chance to try to create those those windows from the from.

  • So the Grizzlies have the second hardest schedule in the MBA going forward and the hardest in the West.

  • I'm more worried about that Portland Trail Blazers team who has veterans with people that want to prove something, who have a dangerous guy who's moved mountains before and Damian Lillard like that.

  • That's a team that could do some damage as an A C.

  • I think the Grizzlies they get in his A c.

  • They'll be happy to be there with that young core won't have any experience to be able to pull off a first round victory or make somebody nervous.

  • But I think the Portland Trailblazers will be the team that you kind of don't want to see is an eight seed because they have a go to guy that can take over a Siri's by himself.

  • I could deal with a little mellow, LeBron first round series.

  • Think that way, have a D.

  • C.

  • Moment in sea area moment here.

  • You know, there is one team in MBA history that with 20 games to go.

  • Being five games get back, made it into the n b A playoff.

  • Do you know what team that was?

  • Those were your 1996.

  • Washington bullet wouldn't lose that syriza total of it.

  • We're not talking about that.

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Jamie Lillard returned last night after missing six games because of that brain injury, scored 22 points.


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