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  • Hey, Chris, how can you put this in the wars?

  • I mean, you've been around and you guys have fought hard.

  • What do you say?

  • After it was outplayed us, it was play smarter.

  • And this They made a big place when we didn't, uh, too many turnovers and ages just beat us.

  • Chris, would you think, sir?

  • Over here.

  • Which think the way that you guys defended curry, there were times when he was required.

  • Gets kind of hot at the end.

  • What do you think of the way?

  • Yeah, they just started at the A M running ball screen with him.

  • Andre, Marc, Andre.

  • Mom was slipping it.

  • We let stuff get a couple butt naked Layups, Clay moving, hitting big shots.

  • And it's funny because everybody, you know, even shop talk about it all the time.

  • You say, make other guys beat you and you know, metadata.

  • How many threes he hit?

  • Five.

  • About eight.

  • You know, you say, make the other guys beat you in a damn show, Did that out of me.

  • And then they players make big time plays.

  • When I needed to, Chris were their points in the game where he felt like you had a little bit of momentum and then they would either get an offensive rebound or there'd be a turnover, something.

  • Every time we had a chance to go to Tina or something like that.

  • We make a turnover offensive rebound.

  • And, like I said, they made the plays, you know?

  • So last year in the playoffs, you had a lot of wings to come back the way they played.

  • This year, you play on more ball handlers with a small ball.

  • Is there is.

  • Did you learn something from those last two years?

  • Do you guys prefer going with ball handlers versus wings against these guys Know which is lost?

  • Chris, Obviously, Last year you didn't get a chance to finish Siri's there without KD here.

  • How much is Is there just kind of a feeling to you guys Let a huge opportunities?

  • Lagardere's who playing we?

  • I mean, ain't no more victories, and I mean, we lost.

  • We got to go to the drawing board first thing, analyze, you know, myself what I could get better at, you know, we were gone home, you know, it s that's what it is, Chris, on your left.

  • When you came out of the game.

  • I think five minutes left in the fourth quarter.

  • Was that your call or was that coach trying to get you some rest there before the end?

  • Is that when I got here, I got in, I so I couldn't You know me.

  • I was trying to make sure I could see.

  • I think I don't know.

  • Oh, no, it's a blur.

  • Now we just We lost that stupid this year.

  • You you mentioned back to the drawing board.

  • Is there a feeling in game six games as close Is these six war?

  • What's lacking or what they have that you need to get to reach that level?

  • We'll see.

  • Oh, no, we just gotta play smarter.

  • I made a at last, um three clay hit.

  • I made a false step towards a good other, and that's all that's all they need, you know?

  • I mean, Clay is tough and I'm a guards.

  • He shoots.

  • I mean, so we let him get loose.

  • And, you know, first half, I don't think Stephan scored at all or anything.

  • And the game was tired, you know?

  • So, like I said, I give him credit.

Hey, Chris, how can you put this in the wars?


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克里斯-保羅。勇士隊在第六場比賽中 "只是比我們玩得好"|2019年NBA季後賽。 (Chris Paul: Warriors 'just outplayed us' in Game 6 | 2019 NBA Playoffs)

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