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  • that place Playful building come talking like two bars.

  • Encounters with Spurs Sacramento game due to a sore foot through.

  • Took a hit but kept his focus.

  • Explosive it for the 1st 5 shots.

  • Forbes, now miles to just 14 everybody to his own myth.

  • Gets a screen following going All right.

  • Here.

  • Look a brand new car could do about his player on a contact and what he has produced for his first year.

  • Averaging 12.5 hours again.

  • L a.

  • Picks it back out.

  • Derek White Oh, Bob.

  • Knocking down the triple White Bills.

  • Rudy Gay and Aldridge on the floor for pop.

  • Go for melting inside.

  • White brings it back for the Spurs.

  • Gracious.

  • Let it come with immediately.

  • Jumpers.

  • 22 point.

  • First he goes ready for that.

  • Got natural means around or not ready to face his own to start off quarter.

  • Aldridge Rosa.

  • He likes the group at both ends.

  • Apparently, he does Marcus with 30 points from Durant as well for three years with 33.

  • Now you've got a wider lamp.

  • Go ahead and take it wide open.

  • Look, that's different.

  • Take that one right there.

  • Already.

  • Three threes tonight.

  • This is that one, but Patty Mills rebounded.

  • Feeds L.

  • A.

  • For another fatty right on time.

  • That's a rookie mistake there for Moran.

  • You're trying to come back in this ball game.

  • You move too fast, but that behind the back pass, it turns into a turnover, and you have to seasoned vets out in the open court.

  • But LaMarcus Aldridge with 40 DeRozan with 26 lead away.

  • Spurs shooting night of 67%.

  • Ow!

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that place Playful building come talking like two bars.


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拉馬庫斯-阿爾德里奇在馬刺VS灰熊的比賽中投下全場最高的40分|2019-20賽季NBA集錦。 (LaMarcus Aldridge drops game-high 40 points in Spurs vs. Grizzlies | 2019-20 NBA Highlights)

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