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  • Tim Legler alongside.

  • And before we get to this, just a real quick thought about just how his absence on the defensive end helped allow.

  • Golden helped allowed Toronto get whatever it one, because it seemed seem easy.

  • I know they made big shots, but it seemed like they got into a floated, lacking clay defensively.

  • He got quite 25 possessions in the last game, one on one.

  • He's got length reach.

  • He pursues.

  • He takes away a lot of penetration because he continued to track you from behind tonight, you saw a complete breakdown defense.

  • We all over the place and I'm gonna focus on a guy tonight.

  • They played like an All Star, and in this situation, I thought so.

  • I had to be the best player floor by four turns.

  • I didn't have to because he had this much help.

  • You weren't out well, trying to shot the ball from three point line Tonight, we'll take a look at this defense right here.

  • You got a guy down on the baseline that's probing and you got four defenders lifted above the foul line because of the way Toronto shot the ball.

  • But look how patient Toronto is, And the reason I chose this possession just seemed like a microcosm of the night for Golden State.

  • Every time they got it to about seven, something like this would happen.

  • And it was simple ball screen action, and they were out of sync all night defensively, and it's what you're gonna do your family draw to.

  • You're going to get this slip to the middle.

  • And this put Shawn Livingston in a tough spot is right now.

  • He's on the weak side, but when Gasol gets this, he becomes a strong side corner guy, and you can't leave the shooter.

  • But he's confused because of how easy this look.

  • It's soft.

  • So now, Livingston says, Well, here comes yourself.

  • I don't get there.

  • He's gonna be basically at the rim.

  • And the problem is, now you're leaving a guy that had a lot of confidence, like Kyle Lowry, like a sense got this seemed like the entire second half make a mini run.

  • Cut the seven, get it back up to 12 in a hurry, another example of just really porous defense tonight.

  • Attack at the wrong angle.

  • See, Akron's gonna come here into the lane and look when you're going, draw this many, dude, you're going to get something good on the perimeter and again, the patient.

  • So take a look at Kyle Lowry on the catch.

  • He steals the good guys.

  • This thing up from 27.

  • Take a look at drama, but he's gonna fly by now.

  • A lot of guys step in and take this 50 foot.

  • He's feeling so good.

  • He decided to go ahead and step back, bypassed the 18 footer.

  • Let me take another Contestant three because of the way he was feeling going 11 3 between Lowry and Danny Green.

  • To me, the difference Golden State's defense we could talk about.

  • But when you put the ball basket, defense is a lot better.

  • So Golden State couldn't do that tonight.

  • Toronto had better opportunities, but the bottom line is those two guys made shots.

  • And if they're going to shoot the ball like that, we're talking about a really long competitive series that Toronto could potentially win if they continue to shoot the ball like that.

  • Folks that watched SportsCenter last night.

  • You saw Tim Bon Temps with the Raptors and he had spoken a lower and lower who only had 20 points in the 1st 2 games of the Mice.

  • That was to be more aggressive.

  • Hunt his shots.

  • He did, and for whatever reason, he's better on the road.

  • Danny Green Hunt your shot shooter.

  • Shoot, and he does what you'd expect them to do.

  • 6 to 10 from three.

  • He was a key contributor in this one as well, because vanvleet Barry's threes Lowry, Barry streets.

  • But Green had to see the ball going at some point.

  • Didn't yeah, early to look.

  • I just know this as a shooter any time you go through some sort of slump where you're not yourself, if you get a couple of looks early.

  • And he had three clean threes in the first quarter of this game and it's a different night for you as a shooter.

  • When you knocked down a couple earlier, he said it.

  • Just see it go through the back completely and you could tell then the rest of the game he shot it like I saw him earlier in the playoffs.

  • Shoot chase, shooting wish shooting, the hope he wants hosing in Iraq tonight, you could just tell he went up of down the same place the follow through was there, and he was already jogging back as that thing was about 75% of way to the rim.

  • So again, look, it's created by getting into rhythm early.

  • Golden State's defense really contributed to that, but give Green and Lowry big time.

  • This was a game flat out.

  • There's no way they could lose if they expect to have a chance to win.

  • This year's not tonight, not against this Warriors team.

  • And Kyle Lowry and Danny Green had a lot to say in that.

  • Yeah, and, uh, Kawai had 30 because that's what superstar players do.

  • They leave their imprint on the game.

Tim Legler alongside.


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如果Lowry、Green都是這樣的投籃,多倫多就能贏得系列賽--Tim Legler | SC with SVP。 (If Lowry, Green are shooting like this, Toronto can win the series - Tim Legler | SC with SVP)

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