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  • I'm here with Ramona Shelburne and that Barnes.

  • Just before we crown a first time WMD champ tonight, let's revisit their tinkered playoff format for this postseason.

  • The highlights of the format changes include seeding teams regardless of conference, giving the top two seeds of buying the first round and reseeding the teams after each round.

  • Ramona, do you think the end they can learn from this playoff format?

  • No, I'm a traditionalist.

  • I really like what the WNBA has done.

  • I think we've seen the two best teams in the final in the last few years and whether it was the Sparks and the links, now it's the now it's Washington and Connecticut.

  • I like that.

  • It fits better with WNBA.

  • Could have such a short season, and you have such a short playoffs.

  • I don't love their like one game playoff.

  • Hey, what like it's like the tournament or something, but I do.

  • I'm a traditionalist.

  • I like Eastern Conference Western Conference.

  • I think that stuff evens out over time.

  • Like right now we're in a stage where it's hard to make it out of the West, but give it five years.

  • It'll change back.

  • Uh, I like I think it works for them.

  • I think it works for the WNBA.

  • And like, she said, for all the reason she said that the shortened season, you just get to mix it up a little bit more.

  • But the one thing I would like to see is because of another thing you just said as well.

  • The West is always traditionally so strong.

  • I would like to see the top 16 teams in the N B A.

  • Go in the playoffs the regardless, and I know the travel.

  • People worry about the travel and the we could work that out.

  • But to me, I want to see the best 16 team in the playoffs in normal.

  • Like he said, the 14 we named in the last segment would probably make the playoffs and they love you know what I mean?

  • So I would like to see the best 16 team.

  • That's the only thing I would like to see changed.

  • The problem with that is they got a vote and every owner of an Eastern Conference is like I'm not voting for that.

  • I like I like this.

  • I like being able to view the Nets.

  • I like the idea that my best players out for the year and my second best player may or may not start the year with a facial fracture, and we still have a pretty good chance of making the playoffs because it's not like the West, where you have that hyper competitive race from day one.

  • You know you can't you can't give up any time.

  • I think one thing I want to see.

  • They did this in dealing a few years ago, where the top seeds get to pick who they play with.

  • One seat picks out of all the lower seeded, now at a 567 that you pick where you want to play, the two picks, whoever's left and then the three of them, obviously four picks.

  • Whoever's last.

  • I like that.

  • I like that, I think, would bring add some juice to it, and it's still keep your conferences.

  • It still keeps that, you know, it's something I think we can all get behind.

  • By the way, you know, I know you're playing her right now.

  • Elated Della Donne play with a hearty, aided disc in her back.

  • It's like Larry, I feel your pain.

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I'm here with Ramona Shelburne and that Barnes.


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