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  • Who do you like a team that you say I really like?

  • Who?

  • They added.

  • Well, Scott, there three teams that I thought really took a leap forward today.

  • New Orleans Obviously, as you mentioned, adding JJ Reddick as a shooter, Indiana adding Brogden to what old people comes.

  • That could be the best defensive backcourt in the league.

  • But I thought Utah really helped themselves with boy on Bogdanovich.

  • You talk about a team that had struggled at that power.

  • Poor position to find a guy really spread the court.

  • And Bogdanovich isn't your typical four.

  • He's really more of a three.

  • But in today's MBA, we're seeing a lot more four out formations out there so he can go out there and guard three.

  • Guard force, get shoot.

  • The blinds you could see could put on the floor finish.

  • And then one.

  • Of course, it didn't happen today, but Mike Conley Scott it Mike Conley played in the Eastern Conference, be a 45 time All Star by now.

  • This is one of the best point guards in the MBA in its career, and it just has been overshadowed by to be Frank Hall of Famers.

  • You talk about Chris Paul, Steph Curry.

  • Russell Westbrook is pretty hard to stand out in a conference when you're sharing it with those kind of guys.

  • I want to move ahead right to a guy that didn't announce anything today because so many other things did.

  • It was this flurry of activity Kawai sitting pack for a while.

  • I don't know if you'll take meetings or not.

  • Look, he's guy that we as we know he's on his own schedule, but he's a gigantic domino.

  • And if it goes for a few days and these teams are waiting, the clips the Lakers at such are waiting.

  • And you got this cash.

  • But guys air gone like how big an impact is it if you wait and then don't get him?

  • Well, this is a big deal, particularly for the Lakers, because they don't have anyone on their roster right now.

  • Just Anthony Davis, LeBron James and Kyle Kuzma.

  • And so what's ended up happening here is while you're waiting for quite a make a decision, the alternative for the Lakers would be to take that 30 32 some odd $1,000,000 spread it around and get three or four really solid vets.

  • The problem is all of these guys are going off the board.

  • I mean, you just mentioned so many of the names in that little run down before I came on.

  • We talked about Terrence Ross.

  • We talk about Bogdanovich.

  • Obviously you talk about Al Camino.

  • These are all the kind of guys that would really fit in.

  • Well, they divide up that money if they can get quite Leonard.

  • No one is arguing that he's well worth the wait.

  • Of course, he's worth the way.

  • The problem is, if he doesn't come, then what do you do?

  • Because now you've got a bunch of money and really all the marquee free agents who are those role players while the rank and file, They're off the board already because you can't expect those kind of guys toe weight around when someone on his offer him.

  • Ah, good amount of money.

  • And that's why I said the other night those rank and file guys air such a significant part of this.

  • We're obsessed with the stars, but those rank and file guys are important.

  • You're a star.

  • Me Appreciate you, man.

  • Thanks for the time.

  • No problem.

  • Thanks.

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Who do you like a team that you say I really like?


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