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  • When did you start?

  • Playback stopped play impossible when I was like 16 15 16 almost 17 years old.

  • And, you know, I always play soccer.

  • Growing up and possible just kind of came naturally and something that I didn't really want to do at first.

  • But then I felt like I got taller and and then I had opportunity to go to different camps that kind of made by small interesting.

  • In the beginning, I didn't really like I was really self thought.

  • I think it was just, like instance and just things that I just kind of knew like to do.

  • And I did team back home like some of my friends.

  • Um and we started just playing together, and after that I didn't really have, like, play like structure organized basketball until I kind of came to the U.

  • S.

  • So, um, so, yeah, it was kind of being self taught today.

  • Did you think you are a talented player?

  • I think I had I had a lot of great physical abilities and, you know, being which is just run and and have this timing on me that that I had those things, but I don't think my skills level.

  • Is this right now?

  • Obviously.

  • But, you know, I just feel like I was gifted with the natural abilities, and at that time, I feel like that's all I needed.

  • So the first person actually told you that you are able to play?

  • Um, I feel like I thought myself that I told myself that I think, Yeah, I kind of realized that, you know, I was getting good.

  • I was feeling good about how spraying first freshman in college sophomore year in college, Um, a lot of improvement.

  • So I just I just must my second year in college, I just felt like I was ready.

  • And before you were coming to the NBA's before you were drafted, did you have any clue or idea which team's gonna drop?

  • You know, I had no idea, way had my agent obviously had, like, things in mind or teams that he thought maybe I could when two teams that might have like me.

  • But I had no idea, really, really was what I was gonna end up so wrapped her truth.

  • You.

  • What was that conversation like?

  • It was great.

  • Messiah called me on the first night.

  • Even that night I got drafted.

  • He called me that same night and it was just about being ready to work.

  • And they believe that me.

  • And that's what I needed to hear being a team that believes in me and also just likes to work like I do.

  • So it was a perfect match.

  • You were like, because in the beginning, you weren't not.

  • People thought you were going to be drafted high.

  • And then you start to average right now, like this.

  • See that you're averaging 25 points and eight rebounds per game.

  • So what was the motivation?

  • Pushing, working still hard.

  • I think my motivation always be my dad.

  • Just like being able to do whatever I'm doing for him.

  • And I mean, that motivation that's bigger than basketball always help me push me harder.

  • But also just believing in myself.

  • I think those those two things kind of help me improve and and knowing that, you know, I'm gonna put the work in and the results like I'm just leaving whatever comes with it, and it's been been going good so far, and I feel like there's no limits you just mentioned about your desk.

  • I kind of wanted to ask.

  • What was your childhood like?

  • Especially relationship.

  • I was great.

  • It was great.

  • Amazing.

  • He always make sure that we was good and was a loving father.

  • And he loved everyone around me and not only his kids, but kids around the neighborhood or everyone.

  • So I think having I love and support from the beginning was amazing and our relationship was always great.

  • Um, I think when we all went to South Africa in my family, we all went on a trip.

  • I think that was like one of the best moments.

  • For sure I was.

  • It was my first time I'm getting on.

  • The plane was my first time travel with my family.

  • So there's something out I definitely remember for the rest of my life.

  • And when you were a child, do you think compared to other kids, you were always the one that's receiving attention?

  • Oh, yes, cause I'm the last one.

  • I'm the I'm the youngest.

  • So I definitely got mostly everything I wanted and I was support for sure.

  • So Yeah, I think my family they always made sure that I got what I wanted talking about Africa because we all know Basketball Africa League is starting this year.

  • So what's your point of view?

  • I think it's amazing.

  • It's great to see that, Um, I remember, just for me, just watching games are waking up by three AM I mean, for some of the people.

  • Even that was before me that Greenbaum we take that even have opportunities and and things like that at the time.

  • And for me, just to see how the game is growing and see how many kids from Africa play basketball or even in the US, is amazing to see.

  • And I have in the league now.

  • I think it's phenomenal on, and it just shows that Africa is the game of Bosman's continue to grow in Africa and and I'm just excited to be a part of it, and someone that you could see it pushed it forward.

  • Some people have a different opinions because obviously you think it's a great for some other people.

  • I think, you know, by discovering the player like you are Joe and beat.

  • It also might be the feeder to a US college system.

  • So what do you like?

  • I think for me.

  • I think all We need everything we can get.

  • I think Azad African players We know how hard it is to have this opportunity.

  • So for me, I think the more opportunity that would get the better better for the game.

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When did you start?


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