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  • these are leaked professional sports leagues whose job it is to, you know, play sports and to and to make money doing that.

  • And so, even if they support those causes, sometimes simply financial contributions, you're right.

  • Sometimes when we could pick up a phone, those connections means something.

  • But financial contribution tells you what you need to know.

  • So, for example, Michael Jordan is not the most articulate guy extemporaneously about these issues or others.

  • But he but the Jordan brand gave 100 million over the next 10 years.

  • And whatever you think, t fight racial injustice.

  • And for whatever you think about, well, he has all this money.

  • If all the basketball owners did that, that would be three billion over the next 10 years.

  • So it's also the level of commitment.

  • You know, when the NFL says 1/4 1,000,000,000 I go okay, that's different already, because that's that's a riel piece of money you could always doom, or but too frequently in the past they've done less, and the financial commitment shows they haven't really been committed.

  • You know, Max, it brings an interesting point.

  • You do have a lot of owners that have a lot of different political interests in those political interests.

  • Them bleed into a lot of their businesses, right in order for them to continue to make the money at the level they've been able to produce.

  • But if you're looking at the scenario as players, it also sometimes over the last couple weeks has been a little bit frustrating to me because we're still looking at things individually.

  • Siloed.

  • What I mean by that is we're still looking at MBA.

  • Players have to be on the same same page with decision that they make and I get it because of the season and a pandemic and MLS players in a pro players man, it wishes.

  • I wish there was a way that we conform a player's coalition where all players were united regardless of their sport.

  • Now maybe that's too lofty of a goal.

  • But man, it sure would be powerful.

  • We thought through what scenarios are that we want to activate and all players between NFL hockey, basketball, it will be all sports were just aligned that they were on the same page about what were they wants, that we felt that we needed in order for us to continue to play the push, this agenda moving in the right direction.

  • It just it seems like, you know, we want to compartmentalize everything cause we want to label everybody.

  • Damn, It will be something if we all got on the same page together because then I think you will be in unison with the owners instead of forcing each individual league do players is something where they want to play.

  • It will be one collective movement together.

  • Jay, what I would say to you, too, in direct response to that thing, is that we have to understand what it takes to come together.

  • For example, it's incredibly important that we understand that there's more.

  • There's more than one way to skin a cat.

  • You know, I keep repeating this ad nauseum, and I've had to say this to Max on several occasions.

  • I never disagree with Colin Kaepernick taking the knee.

  • Hell, I was on Good Morning America.

  • The next morning I was on first take talking about.

  • He's absolutely right to take a knee he didn't violate any bylaws of the NFL is perfectly within his rights as an American citizen.

  • He wasn't disrespecting the flag.

  • It wasn't about the flag?

  • Hell, yeah, he had a right to do it.

  • What I asked thereafter was, what is your plan?

  • And it wasn't the next day or even the next month.

  • It was after months had passed, and it's important to recognize that I didn't have a problem with Eric.

  • Reads Position.

  • I had a problem with Eric Reid ready, looking like he was ready to fight Malcolm Jenkins before tip off at one oclock on an NFL field.

  • That was my issue, but there's no denying that these air young warriors that took up the mantel on behalf of us as a people and they, but they deserve I gratitude more than anything else.

  • But again, the other issue that you were challenged them on his Excuse me.

  • But now that we're in this with you, do you think that that's the way?

  • What about this way you got to remember in the sixties?

  • Martin Luther King Jr.

  • Malcolm X.

  • At one point, time didn't see eye to eye on how to challenge the system.

  • One was nonviolent.

  • Another was by any means necessary.

  • Pick your poison or pick your your methodology.

  • The point is, throughout history, you know it doesn't matter who it is.

  • The fact is, is that if you care about the same thing, and ultimately, your A gender is a line, the avenues with which you choose to get there can be different.

  • And even if you disagree, that does not mean that you excoriate one or the other.

  • Just because they're method is different the yours.

  • That, to me, is what we have to remember as black people.

  • All of us are in this together, but we might not want to take the same path.

  • Some people might protest.

  • Some people might be over the airwaves, communicate with 1,000,000.

  • Some people might be on Capitol Hill doing anything this every this, several ways to skin a cat.

  • We have to remember that instead of acting like everybody is supposed to march to the same tune in the same step.

  • When you do that, people see you come in and they can plan to stop you.

  • But when you're coming from a multitude of avenues, it's a it's far more difficult to derail you.

these are leaked professional sports leagues whose job it is to, you know, play sports and to and to make money doing that.


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