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  • right now on ESPN dot com.

  • Ramona Shelburne has a detailed account of the hours leading up to the NBA's decision to suspend the season.

  • It's a dramatic and fascinating story explaining how the developments occurred.

  • Log on to ESPN dot com and check it out, and Ramona joins us now on SportsCenter.

  • Ramona in reading your story.

  • The thing that really grabbed me was the uncertainty, and the drama connected to that as this story was unfolding on Wednesday was really fascinating.

  • Yeah, you know, it was funny.

  • I was talking to the Golden State Warriors Wednesday afternoon and they were trying to get me to come up to go to what was going to be a historic game on Thursday, right?

  • The first endgame play with no fans, and at the same time we were talking that out of several was on with the board of governors talking about how they were going to start moving to having no fans for any games in the N.

  • B A.

  • That was gonna happen Thursday morning.

  • None of us at the time, though, knew that at this very same time we were talking that the league was talking the border governors that the Warriors were planning their families game.

  • Rudy Gobert was being tested for Cove in 19 because of privacy rules.

  • The league office knew that.

  • So it's Adam Silver would have known that on that Board of Governors call, but he can't tell the other owners that.

  • And shortly before tip off, as we all now remember, is this unfolded?

  • The word came down that he had tested positive for it and the swiftness with which the Utah Jazz, the Oklahoma City Thunder and Oklahoma City public health officials acted to stop that game, shut down the league and make sure nobody else was exposed to It is really just incredible to me in the in the conversations I've been having with people who were close to it.

  • So we've seen this trend now, Yana Santa Coop, Oh, Kevin Love Zion Williamson offering to pay salaries for for arena workers.

  • Is there going to be a ah formalization off of that league wide?

  • Or is this just gonna be a case by case thing?

  • Well, it's happening case by case, and I think it sort of happened organically.

  • Just when a handful of players like Griffin's I will use Kevin Love right?

  • They came out pretty quickly and says All donate $100,000 then that then put pressure on their teams, their ownership, other players to do the same.

  • And I think each individual city and each individual set up is a little bit different.

  • So out here in Los Angeles, I've talked to the Lakers and the Clippers.

  • They played at Staples Center, which is owned by a GI.

  • That's inch.

  • It's entertainment group.

  • The main employer there is Levi Restaurant, so it's not as simple as the organization.

  • Just say OK, we'll call for all the workers.

  • From what I understand.

  • The Lakers, Clippers and Los Angeles Kings from the NHL are all talking right now, where their organizations will jointly combine to support the Workers and Staples Center, who now no longer have events to staff.

  • And that's gonna be there working out the details on how you do that.

  • But I expect that to be announced relatively shortly.

  • That's a good trend, some good news coming out of this, and let's hope that that expands league wide.

  • Take care of the workers.

right now on ESPN dot com.


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緊張的幾個小時是如何改變NBA的一切的? (How a tense few hours changed everything in the NBA | SportsCenter)

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