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  • sure ship.

  • Put it down.

  • It ain't right.

  • I mean, with this scene.

  • Rams be taken off the backboard, glass smashed.

  • We have never seen somebody bring down the whole goal post like the whole thing.

  • The MBA, Not just the fans.

  • And not just the players, but the people that run the facilities, the actual hoop themselves, the actual arenas themselves that needed to adjust to the physical presence that was Shaquille O Neal.

  • I mean, this made the league have to have extra baskets and Stan Shin's in the building because the game would be delayed like an hour.

  • 66 points, broken backboards.

  • One good stuff is one thing to break the back.

  • That's glass breaking.

  • This van broke the entire contraption that holds the backboard.

  • This is right here.

  • This is what made people afraid of shack.

  • Just his brute strength, like he just badly hung on the rim in gold just came just falling down, just like it was putting it up.

  • To put it in the bag clause, it bends the knee game of Thrones style to him.

  • It bows down to him in a way that raises him, and he's like young Simba being held up on the mountain tops.

  • We all must just bow and accept our new king.

  • That is your feeling.

  • Knew that was the right shit like that wouldn't even every shape it was the light sake, if in best sound right, right, Sank.

  • Was that over, right?

  • He was just the biggest you could be had ever seen early in shacks career.

  • I was walking down the hallway in the old Rita as they used to call after.

  • And now you're walking toward people having a suit, and I'm working for the Washington proposed people coming your way.

  • Their eyes get big.

  • You don't know why.

  • And all of a sudden, before I could turn my own eyes got big shack and I weighed about 2 50 at the time.

  • Jacki just lifted me off the plane off the floor like a little baby.

  • 62 to 50 in that tiny.

  • Every time I see shock on set and I've been around him for a long time.

  • You just like that Is one large person like your How did you move him?

  • When he played way cleared out space like shape went to the 1,000,000.

  • He drop step and that elbow pain like you had to look your because he moved, did it on purpose.

  • I didn't extended.

  • But when he came around, it was like gold.

  • So the point where I was like I had, I found one psalms.

  • I watched that elbow back of my mind by my home.

  • Sweet Oh, okay.

  • We playing shot and I remember they live the ball over the top because we were front was in a position.

  • He catches the ball and I'm on the weak side is just me is tell me in a room and I slapped down this hard as I can.

  • Nobody else in the league had the ball in their hands, and I just remember how loud it was.

  • It was just like I just knew I was going.

  • Paul did not move, and he just went up right there and just dumped.

  • I was like, Man, I'm not coming over here no more.

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sure ship.


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當新秀沙克在菲尼克斯的背板上摔倒的時候|NBA on ESPN (When rookie Shaq brought down the backboard in Phoenix | NBA on ESPN)

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