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  • tonight on ESPN.

  • We continue our weekly look back at some of the most significant games in NBA Finals history.

  • No surprise.

  • Celtics Lakers Game 4 2008 is one of them.

  • That's seven Eastern, then it's the anything is possible game Dick, since we're on the subject.

  • Guys, we figured we'd play a quick round of what were you thinking for both of you.

  • So starting with Mr Paul Pierce, were you thinking when your team behind by 24 points in the first half on the road against the Lakers in that 1st 7 p.m. Eastern game?

  • ESPN is showing tonight?

  • You know what, Rachel, when you pay for one of the most stubborn teams, the most stubborn coaches and one of the most stable defense's of all times.

  • We didn't sweat once.

  • We always felt like we could come back.

  • No, Lee was safe around our defense because we had the best defensive player in the game, arguably one of the best defensive all defensive players all time, and Kevin Garnett Perkins, Rhonda.

  • We had one of the greatest defense.

  • We always felt like we was gonna give ourselves a chance, and I kept that confidence in this, and we just continued to break the lead down.

  • Once he got the two at the end of third, we knew he was going win this game.

  • I see Rachel and that's that's what you call a bit of a true bed.

  • Hall was a veteran.

  • See, I was a young boy in my mind.

  • I'm thinking we got to get ready for Game five.

  • I'm thinking about how much beyond film the next morning, because I have so many rotations and all of a sudden dot com in half time, and he give this great speech and that is something that was great.

  • He made a adjustment in the lineup and went small.

  • He moved K g to the five James Posey to the four politics.

  • Three rates of the to any house to the one, and we just walked them down like we coming around that last, him down track meet.

  • I'm gonna do a whole segment one day with the two of you on docks.

  • Halftime speeches.

  • They are legendary.

  • I cannot wait.

  • Teoh, watch this tonight.

  • All right, guys, we know that Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski are headed to the Tampa Bay bucks.

  • Paul, you have a Patriots fan for the entire time Tom was there.

  • Are you giving up on your team?

  • You know what I always said?

  • I will be with the Patriots until Tom Brady retires or leave.

  • So yes, I'm moving back in with my roots are and I'm not blow the ram's.

  • Okay, dude in the stadium.

  • I'm a Rams fan.

  • Now you go.

  • Wow.

  • Well, that's one year from Inglewood.

  • They're gonna play an angle with that.

  • I'm gonna give that to you, Paul.

  • Coming off the van, Black.

  • And you're just going back home the next two days to you.

  • Monday.

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tonight on ESPN.


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