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  • do you question if Ben Simmons will come back as an improved basketball player?

  • Okay, if I were to ask you guys before the photo, we're about to show you.

  • Hey, who is the team that has the two most muscular players?

  • One to Ah, you probably wouldn't have said Philadelphian included Ben Simmons.

  • I don't know how much muscles help a jump shot, but here is Ben Simmons growing into his body.

  • He is still very young, and now he is very young and swole.

  • And I asked you guys, is this going to help him from three point range?

  • Is this gonna help him with one thing that he needs the most, which is to get a perimeter game?

  • Because he's already plenty strong inside?

  • He doesn't have to be much stronger inside.

  • No.

  • Why do you keep saying three point range?

  • He can shoot from two point range.

  • He can shoot from anywhere outside of two feet from the basket is doing over here.

  • Hold these £50 weights in his head.

  • You know what I saw behind him on the wall?

  • Ah, bunch of basketball's.

  • The only thing you should have been doing is shooting basketball If you didn't have a basket at his house, that's fine.

  • There is no reason in this time that he should be doing anything in this world other, then shooting jump shots.

  • I would not be mad if he came back into the bubble in Orlando, and he had forgotten to dribble because the only thing he had been doing it shooting jumpers instead.

  • What's he over there doing?

  • Push ups For what?

  • Well, how many times on this very program have we've been forced to watch a grainy video of Ben Simmons making a three in practice while his, you know, friends and teammates cheer and that had to debate the issue.

  • Does this mean Ben Sevens is fixed?

  • I am relieved.

  • I do not want to watch those videos anymore.

  • I no longer believe that Ben Simmons is no longer trying to trick us.

  • He was just leaning into when he can actually do.

  • I don't care if he makes a single shot, because I know it's not gonna translate this boy.

  • Yeah, I put just put this back up on the screen because I noticed some of y'all maybe too young to appreciate this.

  • You remember David Boston like.

  • Is this gonna be a situation where we look up in two years?

  • And then next thing you know, Ben Simmons weighs £275.

  • I'd like to play this game, though.

  • Guys who should have been better based on their musculature.

  • Bo Outlaw, Who else?

  • We got trying.

  • Thank you.

  • Remember Otis Thorpe?

  • I mean, like, that's a good August, Dude, that's a good one.

  • That isn't good.

  • When that guy, Otis Thorpe, looked like he was the only one in the league at that time who was lifting weight, you look like the only one on land drain troller Ron Landry.

  • Yes, that guy, That guy, They will be able to put up a picture here of Laurent Landry and those air, not arms.

  • Those are very obviously thighs that he has right under his shoulder.

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do you question if Ben Simmons will come back as an improved basketball player?


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